Look who is in the picture w/ Klaus! UNBELIEVABLE!

This is getting interesting Folk’s.
People are being ‘Outted’ almost daily
The interesting thing about this is they don’t care that they
are now known for being a part of a Twisted Society (and that’s OK)
This article and another one I am posting should clear up a lot of confusion, rumors
and innuendo about what these Freaks are attempting to do with US, Freedom, Human Rights etc.
The ‘Entertainment Industry’ is rife w/ these Godless Elites.
If you are uncomfortable w/ the term ‘NAZI’s’ read the Texts and make up whatever title
you can stomach and live with.
these ‘people’ make me sick.
BUT! It also makes way too much sense for what else is going on in our little Cesspool of a World.
Why people are being Killed, cancelled, forced Vaccinations, and turned on one another.
If they can get us to fight each other, It’s less work for them and they get their jollies out of watching
our demise.
I have been wondering ‘WHY’ all this sh** was happening , WHY won’t we able to stop the immense
Corruption (World wide) , the systematic destruction of our Morals and values, the callous disregard
for Human life.
Read these two pieces and form your own opinion’s.
This ISN’T about (2) party systems, differing opinions, Voting irregularities, Global Migration…
No, It’s far sicker and twisted I just couldn’t get it…couldn’t fathom the depth of EVIL in existence today.
And lastly I will put in the standard disclaimer: If I am out of line (or out of my tree) Mea Culpa,
Before the SHTF (and I believe it will) I just needed to understand the why’s …Now I know.
Forgive me again for saying God Bless you and your families, Protect one another, Protect the Innocents and one’s who can’t fend for themselves. That’s our JOB! These Freaks wish to cancel GOD… well, they don’t know God very well. I’m not a religious church going kind of guy as I have said many times here but we have an understanding.
I know which side of the fence he is on and if I can be so bold as to say I am right there with him.
For whatever the reason’s we are down here I haven’t a clue, or why we have to wade through the sh** as we have to to find meaning? or purpose still eludes me. But I know this crap down here is temporary and iI also know what’s waiting for me in HEAVEN and if it means fighting for other’s and our FREEDOMS and Rights to my death…I’m really OK with that. Pain will be Temporary, Heaven is boundless and Special.
Where We Go 1 We Go All.
No Easy day’s ahead
But TOGETHER we can send these people downstairs to meet their boss and they can cry about why they failed…he’s not as forgiving as our guy.


Some are not surprising and others made me lose my dinner! We can’t out play Organizations of this size! For one thing, I don’t have a private jet!
They had the balls to call the NRA a terrorist organization :question:
This is a really bad movie!


But we have to try.
It’s not being naïve or corny (I don’t think) to say we have god on our side
(we are actually on his but that may be splitting hairs at this point)
It’s amazing who is on that list and it makes me sick.
It is amazing (to me) how clear eyed I am right now.
Going down in some disgusting sandbox made no sense
But if it’s on our soil for our people it is a worthy cause.
And I will be HOME, welcomed with a hug. Not a bad deal for this Warrior.


That doesn’t surprise me at all, now if the list has the name of some blue collar worker from Texas I would be worried.


The WEF sounds a lot like what the Fourth Reich would be if the Evil from the Third Reich was never truly extinguished. Every time I see and hear Klaus Schwab, I envision him wearing a black uniform emblazoned with double lightning bolts on the buttons and epaulets of his coat. He and the rest of his Death Cult would be dismissed as a bunch of looney-tunes if they weren’t so rich and influential.

No, make no mistake. Their ideology and ideas are as dangerous as they are preposterous. One of their central tenets is DEI, as in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Nations that have implemented these Marxist and racist concepts have experienced everything from confusion (at best) to chaos in their social order and the collapse of their economies.

The nations most seriously affected by DEI are the small countries in Africa that became the guinea pigs for the WEF to test out their insidious New World Order concepts. If you hear anyone voicing skepticism about Globalism and the existence of the NWO, I would direct them to articles on the WEF that highlight their ideology and the disasters that they’ve created.


Trying to find some humor in all of this but… :grimacing:

Mike du Jour by Mike Lester (msn.com)


THIS. They absolutely get off on this.


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