Long Gun Maintanance

After a fun, safe afternoon of skeet shooting, you head home to clean your gun.

What are your favorite long-gun cleaning supplies?

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Otis and Bore Snakes here.


Bore Snake, Hoppes, Gauze. Q tips.

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Big Otis fan! Don’t just out the rods unless super dirty! Hoppes and Z-max bore conditioner. :+1:

Are we talking long guns or shotguns? I am going to assume shotguns due to the scenario. I have my best luck for shotguns with the Remington sqeeg-e system. I spray shooters choice shotgun cleaner down the bore and let it set a bit. I then do a couple pulls on the sqeeg-e which does a great job on the smooth shotgun barrels. Spray again, let it set a few minutes and hit it with a brass brush to get the remaining plastic out of the barrel, run a few patches down to make sure I got it all then run an oil patch down to keep it nice.

Bore snakes and Hoppes.

Bore snakes for a dry cleaning and one piece cleaning rods when the barrel is scrubbed. Butches Bore Shine to remove copper, CLP for cleaning, lubing and preservation. Slick 50 from a grease gun for grease parts. Must have the appropriate bore guide and unless impossible always clean the bore from the rear. For the M1, AK and M1A I have muzzle guides. Break Cleaner is handy for heavy carbon. LA’s Totally Awesome and hot water for black powder X 5 followed by CLP.



Montana X-treme cleaning rod. Hoppes-9 , and Clenzoil.

CLP, Lucas lube, copper brush, cotton patches, q-tips and cleaning rods.

Elbow grease

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