Local attempted murder/assault

This happened to a friend of mines son. At a gas station that friends and family of mine frequent. The local PD is on the lookout for the suspect. It’s a stark reminder, that these things happen everyday, everywhere.


That’s pretty scary :grimacing: Glad he’s going to be ok.
do we know how the guy got in the back of his vehicle?

Is that an area that’s typically prone to crime?


The area is becoming more typical. Meth is becoming a huge problem in parts of the county. Also, Carbondale is just 35 minutes away. A lot of criminals ride the Amtrak from Chicago, to Carbondale. It’s my understanding, the young man didn’t lock the doors to his truck while he ran in for a soda.


A subtle reminder Semper Diligens.
Lock your doors when you are not in the car, even if you are standing at the car pumping gas. And lock the doors when you are in the car. And be aware of your surroundings.
Be Alert, America needs more Lerts!