How well do you know where you live?


The area I live in was always safe. You could leave your doors unlocked, you could let your kids play outside all day and never have to worry.
In the last 2 years we’ve had 3 murders, two were drug related one I’m tempted to say is mental health related but I can’t in good conscience say that, yes the guy was disturbed but where do you draw the line between mental health and just plain evil?

Working Security where I do I literally have found myself on the front lines of trying to keep drugs out of my community. The company I work for employs more people than any other in the region.
People that I knew growing up are going to jail for dealing narcotics. In one month I’ve detained a dozen people trying to deal meth, cocaine and heroin out of my place of work.
I didn’t realize how bad it had become here. The real eye opener for me was when envelopes started showing up in the mail addressed to different members of my team (self included) containing death threats and random bodily fluids, presumably contaminated, from different prisons in the state.
I don’t live in a huge area, most people know me, if not in person directly they at least know my name and face.
I realized two nights ago that we’ve only been getting the test dealers. Someone wants to get people positioned in my building so they can expand their drug business.
I never would have thought my area would end up like this. How well do you know where you live?


I had a conversation last night talking about certain suburbs in my area that I didn’t realize were so bad. Heroin, cocaine, meth - and human trafficking. This is spread out across SE Wisconsin more than I’d realized. We all like to think our area is safe, but I don’t think there is anywhere truly safe from crime.

Stay aware, stay prepared, stay safe!


I think the only place safe would be living out in the middle of Montana where your neighbors are 50+ miles away and motion detectors setup around the perimeter with cameras. I know where I live is not safe by a long shot with all the drugs, home invasion, car jacking, murders, ect…

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I live in a fairly safe, farm community. Very little violent crime. Usually, violent crime is domestic disputes, without any weapons involved. We have the occasional stabbing over drugs, and almost never a shooting. Petty theft, and low rent meth heads are most of what fills our jails. I guess our most unnerving crimes are those involving sex offenders. In my exact neighborhood, it’s not bad. Having the police department 2 blocks away discourages some of that. I will say, that the 1300 bucks I spent years ago building privacy fence is the best money I’ve ever spent.


Yes, drugs and crime are everywhere these days. I live in New Jersey. My second apartment that I lived in had a vacant house next door and dealers would stand there all day and sell drugs out of the house and cars would line up down the road like it was a Fast Food Drive Through. No joke! The cops in the town called my neighborhood the Twighlight Zone! So I started working with the detectives and wrote down plate numbers and called in information when I had it. I got tired of living there even though that neighborhood got better so we moved back into what was a very nice town. After living there for a few months I started to realize a pattern with the neighbor next door. They were distributing drugs every month around the first when everyone got their government support check. I started working with the detectives in this town (they called our neighbors the Frequent Fliers - Many arrests). When they finally got enough information on them they busted them finding drugs, cash and guns… RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO US!!

Drugs have become such a problem that almost everyone in the US either knows someone who is or has been an addict and/or they have a family member would is or was an addict.

The only way to survive these days is to be prepared.