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Most gun owners — myself included — probably feel they will never find themselves in a life-threatening situation without a firearm. After all, maybe a less prepared individual will be caught off guard, but certainly not me. Think again! It can happen to the best of us.

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That happened to me yesterday. Whenever I go to my mailbox (apartment complex) I always carry. However, yesterday, once I got to the mailbox, I realized I left my EDC at home. Thank God I had my pepper spray on me still!


I figure if I’m caught unaware at the mailbox, I’ll toss the handful of bills in my mailbox at the perp. They’re apparently allergic to having to work for a living and aquiring legitimate debt. A handful of “payment due” bills should send them running. :slight_smile:


I wish it were possible to have gotten my criminal justice courses done through Dr. Wagnor (The author and regular contributor to USCCA/CC magazine).

I believe those courses would have been more profitable that’s for sure! Great read!!

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Do not Fly, period. Depending on length of trip, two or more firearms along with a selection of knives and flashlights. Do not step out the door without being armed; rural, lots of wild animal possibilities along with the unknown. Remember, one is none, two is one. Over prepared beats an oh dammit moment.


Even if you don’t fly there are places you can not take your firearm with you. New York state is one such place. They accept NO ONES carry permits and have NO out of state permits.


I have been in multiple life threatening situations without my firearm on my person. A couple examples,
Went fishing at a small alpine lake way back up old abandoned logging road. Small lake, maybe 100 yards across. Parked the truck, picked up the fishing pole and bait, left the gun in the truck, walked to the far side of the lake 100 yards away. After an hour or so a HUGE GREY WOLF showed up and was checking out my truck. This was just a couple years after they had been re-introduced there. Talk about an oh ■■■■ moment. I just sat still, hoping he wouldnt smell the bait I had with me. After perhaps 15 minutes he wandered back off. I waited a bit and carefully headed back to the truck. Stopped at the Ranger Office on my way home and reported it and they confirmed it was one of the re-introduced wolves and it had been spotted multiple time looking for food left in the trash cans by people.
Another time hiking (again Idaho) near Salmon) I was followed by 4 coyotes that literally stalked me. It was a pretty hilly barren area but they stooped in the brush and literally followed me a mile. Never thought about coyotes being a danger to people, cougar maybe, I had a rock pick and a knife. Found a stick and made a spear with the knife. I was very happy to make it back to the road without incident.
When living in Florida the big thing was for two cars to trap you, one in front of you, one behind, get out and rob you, steal your car or whatever they felt like. I got trapped. Saving grace was I was with a group of people who were in two other cars behind me and they were armed. When they got out of their cars and approached the front car took off, the back car backed up and took off clipping my left rear bumper.
I now carry probably 90% of the time now. Even on my property, with the super dry weather the cougars and bears are coming down out of the hills looking for food and water. My place is forested and I have seen both in the past. I usually dont carry on my person on my property, but do keep a gun on the ATV. Then there are time at my place I wont go at night without carrying.
Just a couple examples of many, but it brings up the point that PEOPLE are not your only risk.


If you can not carry a fire arm get a heavy hardwood cane, even if you don’t need it and it won’t be out of place, even without practice it can be an effective weapon used for striking, thrusting and hooking. I make my own or refinish old canes I find at Thrift Shops. :+1: