It will never happen to me

How many people tell you-you’re paranoid for carrying a gun? And when you ask why do they say because it will never happen to you?

What do you tell people who say you’re paranoid for carrying a gun?

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I would be happy living out my life never using my firearm in self defense, but I wouldnt want to live another day if something happened to my family because I cared what other people thought.


Couldn’t agree more with everything Beth said. I live in New Hampshire. Violent crime, though not unheard of, is relatively rare. But there’s a first time for everything.

If someone told me I was being paranoid for carrying a gun my answer would be simple. “What do I have to be paranoid about? I carry a gun.” Aware? Yes. Paranoid? No.



Carrying a gun is like buying insurance, you only need it when things go sideways. I pray to never have to even point a gun at another human, but, however minute the possibility, there still is the possibility that it could happen. I don’t let that thought scare me from living, but, I live my life knowing that every person I meet has the potential to be “THE ONE” that takes me to condition red. So, condition yellow it is.

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From your post to God’s ears for everyone who carries for their self-defense.


I’ve pulled my gun once, but was on a ride a long so it doesn’t count.

Second situation happened last week while walking the dog. Dusk so not too dark, saw a car coming toward, flashed my light on the ground to give the driver a heads up we were there. He turned his wheels toward us and and accelerated, I estimate he was going 40-45mph in a 25 zone. Grabbed the dog and dove in the bushes.

Responding officer asked why I didn’t shoot, here’s why:

  1. It happened inside the Country Club, most likely was a neighbor or someone visiting a neighbor who just finished their early bird cocktails.

  2. When I saw the wheels turn toward us I looked at my less lethal options, make a dash for the other side of the street or dive in the bushes. Chose to visit nature and dive in the bushes.

PD found the guy, he claimed he was never in the country club, oops your car is on camera leaving the club 7 minutes after the alleged attempt to hit us. He than changed his story to he never saw us, 1,000 lumens flashed on the street, this guy needs new lenses!

I was offered a choice to press charges or let it slide. I chose to let it slide with the warning that he’s lucky I had other options of escape available to me otherwise he might be answering the officers questions from a hospital bed or worse yet be dead. Oh and he was lit, officer didn’t understand how he was standing let alone driving.

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If you believe your life has value, carry the means to preserve it.