Liberty Ultra Light 9MM ammo

Hi all,
Appreciate everyone’s in put on my SA magazine issue. Here’s a new one. I’m concerned about over penetration with my hollow points. I’ve got a box of the Liberty Ultra Light ammo. From the gel demo at my range, they seem to fragment and not penetrate too far. The question is…do they have power to stop the threat? As always, I appreciate your inputs and thoughts

Personally I see 0 reason to even consider something other than HST (any flavor) or 124+P Gold Dot, for 9mm.

If you want to branch out, consult docgkr’s 9mm list, you can find it all over the internet.

IMO, I wouldn’t even bother expending mental energy on anything else.



Thanks, the issue for me is collateral damage in having an innocent person hit by my shot. While I want to protect myself and my family, I don’t want to take that right away from someone else.

Which is why a quality JHP is a good choice.


How much extra damage to innocent people will there be if you fail to stop the threat as quickly as possible before they can harm others?

I agree with @Nathan57 . Use one of the tried and tested brands like HST or Gold Dot. They were designed to minimize the chances of over penetration while maximizing the stopping ability.

The most import thing is to train and practice as much as possible to minimize your chances of missing your target under the extremes of a self defense encounter.


How does the multi metal case feed from your firearm? Do the lightweight high speed bullets hit the target in the same place as other rounds without having to adjust your point of aim?

Thanks, I’m not worried about missing, I train constantly. What I’m worried about is the bullet passing through the threat and hitting an innocent bystander. You missed my point, I’ll engage the threat, but I don’t want to hurt others that don’t have a dog in the fight.

We get the point, and that is why JHP are the go-to.

But do keep in mind that the long time running hit ratio is about 20% in real life. I cannot think of having come across a single instance of a carrier’s justified DGU bullet going through an attacker and then striking an innocent. It’s certainly possible, we are responsible for all projectiles downrange, and it’s a very valid concern, but, again, that’s what quality JHP are for.


The point we are making is that your original concern of not enough penetration is very valid. The odds of a quality SD JHP round going through your target and seriously harming someone else are incredibly low. The odds of a super high velocity fragmenting round not penetrating deep enough to stop an attacker are significantly higher.


I learned about Liberty Civil Defense from a US Air Marshall at my concealed carry qualification.

I figure if he carried it and didn’t worry about over-penetration inside an airliner cabin, I wouldn’t worry about it either.


Inside an airplane at high altitude would be the one place that I would be worried enough about the risk over penetration that I would be willing to significantly risk under penetration.


I thought about getting some of that stuff for a 38 revolver for less recoil
but I would make sure the lighter stuff operates the slide.
PS: IMO = people over think what type of amo to use. Most important is dependability/functionality & confidence, not marketing.


They do. They really do.

Importance, order, is about like this:

  1. Reliable in your gun, with your magazines, in your hands
    1.1. Accurate enough/point of impact = point of aim
  2. Sufficient penetration

  3. Expansion

Personally I think a lot of ‘gun guys’ waste hours going over their ammo choice, research, videos, internet arguing over hundredths of an inch in expansion in non-scientific tests that aren’t repeatable using uncalibrated test medium…when they would be much better off spending that time on dry fire training or mental education/training or practicing first aid.

Finding a known-good defensive round in any major/duty pistol cartridge, testing it for reliability, and then just going with it doesn’t need to be a complicated thing. Especially in the Big 5 of 9/40/45/38spl/357mag


I would squeeze accuracy in your list up there between 1 and 2 and I agree with your spacing getting to 3.

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That is a tough one. You are correct in that if it is wildy inaccurate it would absolutely not be a good choice. So yes that does need to be in there somewhere.

I guess I (and ASSuming, you know what that gets lol) I just assume that any factory new JHP suitable to be chosen will be accurate enough for handgun self defense. But, you don’t know that until you try that ammo in your gun.

Good call .


Interesting, but unconvincing. They certainly don’t describe their product in much detail.

Not sure I’d want to use ammo that “…leaves a haze of pepper charge in the air…” It sounds like it’s equally possible it would irritate my eyes/nose as it would an attacker’s.


I am interested in the ultra light fluted rounds. The Liberty is a no go. Norma has their NXD 65 grain fluted for $18/20. Recoil is supposed to be very light with 18" of penetration in gel. I have seen gel tests and a meat target but no actual shooting stats.