'liberate' children for (not good)

Conference addresses call to ‘liberate’ children for ‘sex work’

[Editor’s note: This story originally was published by Live Action News.]

By Nancy Flanders
Live Action News

Undercover journalist Karlyn Borysenko was present at the recent Socialism 2023 Conference, where she recorded a Q&A session from a talk on The Politics of Childhood. One question from an audience member revealed a desire on the part of the adults present for children to participate in the “sex industry as part of children’s liberation…”

After the panel had spent an hour discussing liberating children from their parents, a self-described sex work activist named Chanel addressed the panel, which included Johns Hopkins University history professor Jules Gill-Peterson, who has previously received a fellowship from the Kinsey Institute (read Live Action’s four-part series on sexologist Alfred Kinsey’s research, which affects child sexual education today, starting here). Chanel asked (emphases added):

more on site… and they are telling you who they are!

AND the things they are saying… are not good to read about… but worth a read all the same…

Believe them!


Ok I just read this and I wish I hadn’t. This is just way too sick. God has to be crying for what his creation has become. He will return and He won’t be happy.


Was CA Sen. Scott Wiener in attendance?

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ya I agree it’s sick… best to know what’s going on all the same I guess?


From the replies, doesn’t seem that I should delve any deeper. I get the message. As if we don’t have enough to worry about!


After reading that article I feel I need a shower and a stiff drink

the DOJ/FBI should be checking all of these perverts PCs & laptops & round them up, liberate these criminals to a prison near you…


Should stop delivering cocaine to the perverts’ residence first.