LG Android Community Access Issues?


Is anyone accessing the USCCA Online Community through an LG Android phone?

One of our Community-goers isn’t seeing the reply button when he’s on the Community and I’m trying to troubleshoot the issue.

Did you have any technical issues posting/replying in the Community from an LG Android?

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I’m on a Samsung android and it works ok here


I just updated my USCCA on my Moto 6 Android and I don’t even see or can find the Place that has the Community to look at on it. Then I might also be looking in the wrong place too.


I have a Note8 and I have been having no issues.


It’s currently not attached to the USCCA website, @Reloader54. We’ve got it as a stand alone so that we can grow the Community in manageable steps. You’ll have to look at https://community.usconcealedcarry.com

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Thanks. I can get it on my laptop. But my cell was the issue. But now that I have the web address I’ll check it out.

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I just added USCCA Community to my cell. And it is working just fine. Again thanks for the help.


No problem here

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Welcome to the USCCA Community, @Alfred! Glad you’re not having any issues!

@Reloader54 - glad you can get it on your phone!

I’m going to track someone down who has that phone platform here and see what might be happening.

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