Let it fall

My brother in-law bought a new gun last week m&p2.0 wile he is changing out his back strap the gun slips from his hand I immediately yell noooo! In my head NO ment dont try to catch it. And in his mind NO ment dont let it drop. Well he caught it with both hands one on the grip other right in front of the muzzle. Thankfully we had both checked to make sure it was unloaded before he handled it so I then tried my best to explain to him that most newer striker fired handguns are drop safe ( I said most because of sig :joy:) and if he ever drops it just let it fall its more dangerous to try to catch a falling gun then it is for it to hit the ground all of us want to keep the weapons we carry nice and in good shape but remember if you for some reason drop your handgun just let it fall…

And if you drop a loaded shotgun run the other way


This being Thanksgiving eve it might be a good time to remind people to do the same with knives in the kitchen… :turkey:


Must watch.

Took a class where they took time to teach people to drop their guns. When I take a new shooter out it’s on of the first things I do with them. I grab my most expensive one and drop it right next to theirs. It’s a tool not a prom queen


I say let it fall but must remember everything has a fail rate even glocks or glock like pistols there have been brand new glocks or like wise guns leave the factory not drop safe not sure I personally would throw my gun but it dose go a good way to prove the point

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Very good point. I should’ve specified both guns are loaded with dummy rounds. I make a it seem like I’m super confident the gun won’t go off and sure enough it doesn’t. Then I ask them to shoot, really what I’m looking for is how bad is the flinch (we all have one).

So far it has proven to be a great ice breaker and makes the conversation transition seem very natural

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Very good visual I would think it drives the point home tha handgun dont just go off I actually had to find a video on YouTube of a guy throwing his gun to prove to him. Good on you for being safe and a safe teacher👍