Drop safe... or not?

BIG discrepancy just caught my eye! Just got the latest issue of Concealed Carry Magazine. In the article titled “Busted!” on page 33, third paragraph under section “The Drop” the author states: “Any modern-manufacture pistol in good repair - revolver or semi-auto - that is geared toward concealed carry is “drop safe,” meaning even if you have a round in the chamber or the hammer resting over a live cartridge, that firearm will not discharge when impacted.” Excerpts from Ruger manual (for Security 9, page 17, WARNING): “If dropped or struck, the pistol may fire.” And: “ANY FIREARM MAY FIRE IF DROPPED”. This is a matter of serious concern. Thoughts?


This has been and will be another neverending story within firearm Community.

Whenever firearm is equipped with firing pin / striker block it will be drop safety… unless the trigger is badly weighted.
However with good design it shouldn’t be a problem even there is no firing pin block safety mechanism (see modern 1911 or 2011 pistols).

We always must consider Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong . This applies to dropped firearm as well. So “ANY FIREARM MAY FIRE IF DROPPED” is very true statement.

Is it something to be worry about? Yes and no.
Yes, it the others already experienced that problem with particular firearm.
No, if you practice proper firearm handling.


The language in the manual is from corporate lawyers covering their butts. Most modern firearms designed for self defense use are going to be drop safe. But there will always be a very slight chance those safety features become worn, are defective or otherwise malfunction so I will be trying my best to never drop my pistol.

In the case below the pistol, a CZ Shadow, did not have a drop safety. I believe it was intentionally left out of the design in order to make the trigger as nice as possible for accuracy in competitions. It was not intended to be a carry firearm. Even experienced competitors can make mistakes:


This is just a guess, it depends on how it lands. Barrel down, on it’s side, back of slide, grip etc, etc


IDK. We can do more homework. Guess it’s a personal decision. It makes sense to me that more modern ones would be more secure. I imagine higher quality firearms are of course made well. Those models which have sold the most could have strong evidence behind them. Good food for thought.