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I wanted to share a story about a break-in from a friend at work — something very real and very recent … and very frightening. This is exactly the reason why we can never live life thinking, “It will never happen to me.”

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That story made me cringe. On my alarm system I have personally constructed an intruder alert system for returning home. My spouse will NOT carry so this especially concerns her, but me too in many ways. I wired a special strobe light system into my garage, which once activated will run 24/7 until it is manually reset. My alarm will run for a few minutes and then reset, disabling the zone breached but activating all other zones. I didn’t want my garage strobe to ever reset. That means that when we return home and the garage door is going up the strobe, which is mounted on the wall, would be flashing IF there was an intrusion while we are gone. Should it be flashing my spouse knows to keep driving and make a call. Much better than meeting a “bad guy” by surprise. So far, we have never needed it but its comforting to know without any question that we are walking into a house without “company” inside already. My dual pulse sensors never miss activity and it gives so much PEACE OF MIND.