Less-Lethal Crowd Defense: A New Reality | USCCA

While our right to defend ourselves within our homes is still unquestionable — particularly in Castle Doctrine states — encounters outside the home may be called into question. More recently, law-abiding citizens’ actions are being measured against standards of conduct for police officers. This is despite the fact that civilians lack the training and on-the-job experience of dealing with high-threat situations. It would be wise to take note and choose to layer your defensive system with additional less-lethal options.

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I heard a while back that a can of wasp spray will get the job done also.

I think I would stick to the pepper spray from a legal issue standpoint! Learn how to effectively engage with a canister of pepper and you will do just fine.

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Wouldn’t gel pepper be more effective?

@Scott148 Welcome to the community. Here is a short vid, jell isn’t necessarily more effective delivery system.