LEOSA carry question

I understand that even under LEOSA if I travel to a 10 round mag state that am mandated to have 10 round mags. How about hollow point ammo? Can I (under LEOSA) carry hollow points in my pistol if I travel to NJ? You never know what NY/NJ would try to pull…


My only reply is: don’t. Instead do the Biden and hand over whatever you got. You’re safer giving it to the criminal than you are getting caught by NJ/NY with something they’ve outlawed.


■■■■ yourself at high ranking government meetings?


If you are legal to carry in a state that is fine but you must comply with the laws of ammo count and types.


When I was living in Philly but travelled regularly to or through NJ, we carried what was locally called “New Jersey” hollow points. It was basically a hollow point with a thin layer of the jacket over the tip. While they didn’t have the same expansion as a full hollow point, they were better than full metal jacketed rounds.

WARNING! This was 2018 and earlier. NJ may have “fixed” this alleged loophole, so check NJ laws and regs or consult NJ attorney before traveling to or through NJ. Also USCCA may want to jump in on this.

TRR. (Carrying since 1971)


No, but the filled-hollow points are not considered hollow points and are legal in NJ.


The ammo is okay still, magazines you must follow local/state laws


State Locations & Laws

LEOSA exempts all qualified active and retired LEOs from state and local laws with respect to the carrying of concealed firearms with a few exceptions. Individuals carrying under LEOSA must obey the laws of any state that:

  • Permits private persons or entities to prohibit or restrict the possession of concealed firearms on their property. Most concealed carry states require such private establishments to post signs at every entrance;
  • Prohibits or restricts the possession of firearms on any state or local government property, installation, building, base or park (Check the Location Restrictions section for government properties that are off-limits in any state); and
  • Has enacted magazine restrictions. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has ruled that state and local laws and regulations applying to magazines do apply, and the exemption provided by LEOSA applies only to firearms and ammunition.
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Perfect, thank you. :+1:t2:

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I’m thinking on bringing Underwood Extreme Defender just to avoid the JHP question.

I wish I could bring a gun to New Jersey

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I hear you, I’m going to Essex county up north. It’s a weird place it has ultra wealthy towns and total s-hole towns (eg: Newark, Irvington)