Legal consequences of firing your gun when your life isn't in danger

Well, I guess I’ve had mine — maybe I had yours, too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If I’m doing the decimals right, that would be 3 in a million, or one in every 66.7 cases of 5,000 primers? I might only go through a couple thousand rounds a year, so I probably won’t live long enough to get another dud.

If I understand the moral of the story, the next one is virtually certain to hangfire?


Or, it ain’t us it’s your gun! :innocent: :innocent:


That could be it! :+1:

I’ve got less than 10,000 rounds through the pistol in question, so I don’t have the statistical base of W-W. Also, CCI is still a different company — at least last I heard — and my defect rate of 1:5000 in a single lot of primers cannot stand up to statistical scrutiny. And I only tried that primer three or four times over the course of a few days — maybe it was going to go off eventually. :crazy_face: If I had not taken it apart to reuse the other components.


Probably a lot of time and miles between your stats and theirs. Ideal conditions vs real life.

Anyway we are off topic so…


The oldest POS, Demond Malone, took a plea for 18 years in prison. The 2 15 year-olds, Travon Curry and Thaddius Thomas are still awaiting trial, delayed by covid. The 13 yo stayed in juvenile court.

While at the hospital, Curry is quoted as saying “I’m glad I killed that motherf*****, and if I get out of here, I’m going to kill some other white motherf*****s.” I’m not sure why they are not classifying this as a hate crime.


Kinda along the same lines here. Looks like, in Utah, if someone shoots at you while driving away you can be shoot back. The thing I don’t understand about this article is, the kid was 16 years old, I’m not sure he could legally have a gun on him at that age.


You’re right @Mike164, I don’t think a 16 year old cannot possess a handgun. I know they cannot in KY.