Leftist Ads

I presume that most people in America will say that there is nothing wrong with mixed couples.

However, I guess more than 90% of couples in America are not mixed. You would not know this by seeing advertisements run on the Internet where almost every couple is mixed.

IMHO, this unrealistic portrayal of America is another way the Left is pushing its agenda.

Have you noticed this distortion?

This thread is not about the content of television shows or movies. You can assume gun-owner and non- gun-owner

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@Mike270 , the thread seems to be interesting if I understand its meaning correctly.
But the topic is off topic and confusing a little.

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So are we gonna discuss mixed couples and how does it affect our lives… or we should focus on Leftist?
Do you have any examples of these “advertisements run on the Internet where almost every couple is mixed” and how it’s related to “this unrealistic portrayal of America is another way the Left is pushing its agenda”.
I’m hoping to give my thoughts… once I get the idea of this thread.

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Well, this typical stupid white privileged male (another marketing stereotype “ohhh dad, you effed up again” while managing to raise a family who though still dependent, are much wiser than “ooooh dad”);wised up after seeing one too many commercials like you described (and I read a marketing article, caramel black actresses are preferred, not too light not too dark) and installed an ad blocker. Nowadays, I can say I don’t know what you’re talking about… regarding present day commercials that is.
Not sure if this is “leftist”. Quite sure it is alienating and typical marketing BS.

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A commercial is VERY expensive, especially broadcast on a major network. A commercial should be about the product. If it becomes about how woke the company management is, the message is lost and the money wasted. Everything woke turns to crap.


I have noticed it and I am noticing it more in real life. I find people different from from me ( racially, age, religious, sex, ext.)more interesting but when I look into our differences I see we are more alike.

that is soooo sweet and cute.

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My marriage was mixed. She was a woman & I’m a man. Hmm I don’t care a lot about other marriage’s, you do you, best guess is God does. I’ve been wrong before, big deal…

Did you also differ with garment colors? :upside_down_face:



These ads are meant to brainwash the public.

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