Leather Care products

What is your experience with using Renaissance wax and/or Obenauf’s preservative on your leather? I have no experience with eighter.

Can’t be any help here. Used neatsfoot when young, mink oil for hunting, polish for shoes. Never used anything on holsters.

@Mike270 >> IMO > if it’s a form fitted holster use little or no treatment so it will retain its shape. If it’s a Quality holster it will last for many years.
The only one that will see it is you.

I use Obenauf’s as a leather conditioner and waterproofing for my boots. It does a good job of keeping them supple and waterproof. One or twice a year, I’ll condition my carry belt with it. My boots get touched up when scuffs start to appear. Like @Blacky said, I’d be weary of using on a holster because it does a good job of keeping leather supple. I have an OWB Galco holster that I use their prescribed conditioner for. Obenauf’s will significantly darken lighter leathers, so keep that in mind.

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