Learned something new today (UT clock tower shooting)

So I was channel surfing today and came across a CourtTV show about the University of Texas tower shooting back in 1966. While I knew the basics of what happened, being born in '72, I never really heard or saw the story in detail. What was amazing to me was that when law enforcement showed up they realized they were out matched carrying pistols and shotguns against an opponent with high ground and a scoped rifle. It was actually university students, who were also recreational hunters, that retrieved their own hunting rifles and returned fire. The police supported the move. This forced the tower shooter to retreat to only being able to shoot from cover out of small openings. Up to that point he was able to take his time and pick off anyone he saw. This actually kept him from shooting additional targets, and provided the means for the police to enter the building and take him out. Of course, after this many law enforcement agencies changes their tactics going forward, and started carrying rifles in addition to their usual armaments. Pretty interesting.


I remember watching documentaries of this and the movie “The Deadly Tower”.
A different world then, when citizens were expected to come together to fight evil.


Very good info, thanks for sharing. Once again, it proves that the amount of time it takes to stop a bad guy with a gun is how long it takes for him to meet a good guy with a gun. In this case, a good guy(s) with a rifle.