Lawsuit for false arrest

Woman files lawsuit after charges against her and son dropped in West Pullman restaurant shooting.


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I didn’t watch the video, but the description says the assailant (Brown) fled. The mother and son (Hood) pursued, with the son continuing to fire at Brown.

Sorry, I don’t think that’s a false arrest. That sounds like manslaughter or murder. I believe in the right to self-defense and the right to bear arms, but you have to know when to stop shooting. Hood needed more training; he’s lucky the charges were dropped, especially in Chicago.

Now this claim of malicious prosecution, that’s something I’d like to know more about. I believe we’re seeing a lot of that across the country.


14-year old child with a gun, just out to buy a hot dog with his Mom in Chicago. What could possibly go wrong?


Lots of discussable facts here.

14 year old? Can’t possibly have a FOID card, much less a CCW. Sounds like a valid firearms violation arrest to me.

Shooting perp in the back while running away is definitely problematic.

I just don’t see where Mom feels the original arrest was false. Should consider herself darned lucky murder/manslaughter charges were later dropped.


A 14 year old illegally carrying a concealed handgun. Makes me wonder if he has a criminal history as well? Haven’t heard of many law abiding minors carrying concealed handguns around town who weren’t also involved in other questionable activities. Is this another case of prosecutors letting a known criminal off the hook?

I’m pretty sure if an otherwise law abiding licensed concealed carrier pursued and fired on a fleeing criminal in Chicago that the charges would not be getting dropped. Though it sounds like the deceased was committing a violent assault so at least the first shots were justified in defense of another.

Seems like dropping the murder charges would be something a pro self defense DA might do in this situation. But Chicago is not known for their pro self defense DAs. Makes me wonder what their motivation for dropping the charges was in this case? And charging the kid with illegal possession and the mother with child endangerment (if she knew and allowed her son to be armed) should have happened regardless. They are lucky all the charges were dropped.




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