Lawful Use of Force? (You Decide) USCCA

Depends on what state your in?


Could be a lot of variables we are not aware of.

Going based on what is visible in the video and not making up “but what ifs”…looks to my non-lawyer eyes as most likely not legal.

I’d judge that to be lethal force, and not justified in defense of property.

Not a lawyer.

If that is defense of property, and that is deemed lethal force, I’ll wager 0 states would consider it justified.


Felonious use of a golf cart. Maybe a DUI here.


The sun was in my eyes and there was glare on the windshield so I did not see or feel any thing while driving on the gulfcart roadway YOUR HONOR. :flushed: and there was no crosswalk, not guilty YOUR HONOR. :wink: :laughing:


But did he die?

If someone was throwing pavers through my window, no probably wouldn’t shoot them, but I feel dishing out a solid @$$whoopin would be in order!

I’m sure there was some other extenuating circumstances there that led up to this,…. So, justified? Can’t tell without more facts.


Using the golf cart was a great tactics. :joy:
I’d say - justified… if the driver was a father of the baby sleeping in the bed behind the window that was broken.
Otherwise … welcome to Illinois State Penitentiary. :neutral_face:


“I bet you twenty bucks you can’t throw a cinder block through that window!”
“Hold my beer”


Where I live “he needed killing” is still a defense! Castle law here. If he had a brick in his hand, that could be construed to be a weapon.


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From Utah Law,

Index Utah Code
Title 76 Utah Criminal Code
Chapter 6 Offenses Against Property
Part 2 Burglary and Criminal Trespass
Section 201 Definitions.

76-6-201. Definitions.
As used in this part:

(4) Enter means:
(a) intrusion of any part of the body; or
(b) intrusion of any physical object under control of the actor.


Index Utah Code
Title 76 Utah Criminal Code
Chapter 2 Principles of Criminal Responsibility
Part 4 Justification Excluding Criminal Responsibility
Section 405 Force in defense of habitation.

76-2-405. Force in defense of habitation.

(1) A person is justified in using force against another when and to the extent that he reasonably believes that the force is necessary to prevent or terminate the other’s unlawful entry into or attack upon his habitation; however, he is justified in the use of force which is intended or likely to cause death or serious bodily injury only if:

(a) the entry is made or attempted in a violent and tumultuous manner, surreptitiously, or by stealth, and he reasonably believes that the entry is attempted or made for the purpose of assaulting or offering personal violence to any person, dwelling, or being in the habitation and he reasonably believes that the force is necessary to prevent the assault or offer of personal violence; or

(b) he reasonably believes that the entry is made or attempted for the purpose of committing a felony in the habitation and that the force is necessary to prevent the commission of the felony.

So around here, the Golf Cart Technique may be deemed Justified.


Do golf carts go in reverse? Looks to me like that the brick layer was trying to kill somebody inside the home.
We are so far gone, that many, many innocent people, children and families are going to be destroyed. The blood is clearly on this administration’s hands!
No ifs ands or butts, run that phucker over twice!
WTF are we doing allowing psychotic behavior to go unchecked.
We’re shooting our selves in the foot. We’re playing stupid word games and playing with people’s lives.

Time to start CURBING the violence. If not, why don’t we all just give the phuck up!


Not exactly sure about that, here come the what ifs, so your infant child is sleeping under that window. Yeah, I know all the attorneys are listening to our responses!
We’re just getting used to the fact that being attacked on ANY level, is good. It’s also becoming a hobby to be SWATTED!
So another what if? What if it was 3 in the morning? Good luck out there, be a good victim!

Be damned if you take any action! Get used to it. You, your family, your home your car, it’s not yours, it doesn’t belong to you, and who really gives a damn about the sanctity of life!
Yeah, I’m also pretty sure if this happened at AOC’s house, that her security would not have drawn down on this fool!


“Excuse me kind sir, if I may. Are you attempting to damage the glass on that window with those decorative paver blocks? I’m certain you must realize this is not your residence, I can say that with a degree of certainty due to the fact that it is My house. Please indulge me and cease your alleged violent attempt at what may be damaging that dwelling. I’d sure appreciate it…”.


Boy you’re good! I heard Seattle is hiring! :rofl:


I’m glad you did that. Lowered my blood pressure from 280/170 to 190/120.


I did say “probably” wouldn’t shoot

That said, had golf cart guy chosen to go hand to hand against rock thrower guy, it is a safe “what if” to say the next stone would’ve been thrown directly at him.

By my book, a 10+lb stone being lobbed at my skull would qualify as imminent life threatening attack.

Yes, IF I had a child sleeping in that room being directly affected, or harmed by potentially lethal weapons (heavy ass stones) I might take more lethal actions to stop the assault.

If not, it would just be a judgement call. Draw down on him and maintain space to stay out of range of a stone attack? Putting me at risk of brandishing a weapon charge?

Shoot? He only has a rock, and couldn’t have thrown it that far. It’s only self defense if there’s actual danger to you. (The stone tossing scene in braveheart comes to mind)

The golf cart in my opinion was a good move, I feel that it would be a less than lethal option which stops the assault and provides the defender some cover from flying rocks.

Yes, that video clip blurs out ol’boy after he goes UNDER the cart. My first question was “did he die?”

Could he have been killed? Depending on how he balled up under the cart, a fatal neck or back injury would be a possibility.

We don’t have all the facts.


To Me there is alot that needs to be known maybe the guy in the Golf cart is Handicapped and hitting the guy with his cane and walker was not an option. Now if he reversed and hit him again than it was excessive. But I also agree if someone was in the house on the other side of those windows than it was justified self defense of a loved one. Again alot more needs to be known.