Law Abiding Citizen goes on killing spree?

I watched “Law Abiding Citizen” on Netflix last night. Great movie.

Clyde ( Gerald Butler) is a former Assasine for the CIA who goes on a killing spree. He starts slaughtering government officials and convicted killers using plastic explosives, poisons, rocket-propelled grenades, and knives. He has the governor and the head prosecuting attorney terrified.

He is sitting in prison while all these people are dying, yet he is responsible.

Crazy right?

Clyde is a powerful, dangerous man.

But he was powerless at the beginning of the movie.

Two men banged on his door and when he opened it. One man immediately hit him in the head with a baseball bat and knocked him out.

While he is unconscious, the predators tie him up. He regains consciousness and is powerless to stop the monster that rape and kill his wife right in front of his eyes. After his wife is dead, they kill his ten-year-old daughter. He can’t do a thing to protect them.

He could have prevented his wife and child from being killed.


If he had observed the two men holding baseball bats, he would never have opened the door. Which means His wife and child would be alive. A security camera showing who was at his door would have saved his family.

You may be thinking this was just a movie.

After watching “Law Abiding Citizen,” I checked with the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

In 23% percent of home invasions, someone opens the door.

What happened to Clyde could happen or you.

I have a confession to make. I was at an apartment in Jackson, Michigan, in a crime-ridden area 20 years ago. The women who lived there opened the door without knowing who was knocking, and two men with guns rushed in.

I can still remember watching a man wearing a ski mask walking towards me, pointing a revolver at me and being helpless.

I did not have a gun on me, and the home invader had a 38 pointed right at my chest.

So I compiled and did what he wanted. I survived as did my friend, but this taught me two valuable lessons.

  1. Don’t open your door if you don’t know who is there.

  2. Keep a gun on you even at home or someplace where you can get it out fast.

Who here carries a gun at home?

Do you have a way to see who is at your door without opening your door?


First time?

Man, that is a good movie… Nobody could have played Gerards Butler and Jamie Foxx character better neither.


I have watched the movie 2 or 3 times and it’s good.


This movie is so great, that I’ve decided to buy DVD copy after I’ve watched it first time.

I do not carry at home, but have full visibility of whole front of the house without being close to front door.


I can see all four sides of my home on camera. I carry everyday and have a weapon on until I go to bed. I have a magnetic sensor that will alert me if someone drives up the driveway.
As I have learned if you can not put your hand on a gun now, all of the training in the world is wasted.

I live on 100 acres so I carry open on the property and conceled when I go to town, Never without it.



Love law abiding citizen, great movie. I have a gun on me or within reach at any time I am in my home. I don’t answer door w/o knowing who is on other side and I still have my gun on me in case there are some hidden.


@Jonathan4 I did enjoy that movie. But, in reference to the movie, I had an experience at my home last year. There was a gentleman who tried to force his way in through my front door. At first, I thought it was nephew playing around but he started yelling “open the door P, I know you home!” My son runs to the door and almost opens it until I tell him to back away and go sit down in the living room. The guy keeps pushing & and twisting the doorknob & I’m sure that had the main door not been deadbolted, this fella would have been in my house. So, I go to the door, unarmed, and I said “brother I don’t know who P is… This is the Vick Residence!” :angry:
He stops & said “Oh my bad…” He closes our screen door & runs to jump in the car sitting in my driveway.

I knew where my HD gun was and maybe I could’ve got to it but who knows… I was disappointed for not having it closer & in my son almost letting this guy in. So, things have changed with our protocol & now only adults can go to the door for unexpected visitors. We have a safe room & are looking into some sort of home security system. :v:t5:


I keep a gun usually no more than an arms length away not a lot of run of the mill robbing in my area but there is an occasional B&E ( breaking and entering), the thing I hate most is when your family thinks your paranoid or something because you are literally prepared. But won’t take the lessons or entertain practice, it can be frustrating


Yes I do carry a gun at home and my grandchildren say “grandpa are you expecting war?” And yes I do have a camera facing outside the front door.


Great movie. I do believe I saw statistics that most home invasions are through the front door. Whether opened by the resident or kicked in.

There are so many easy-to-use and inexpensive options today for watching your property. The Ring doorbell has been a game-changer for front door security. I dont even need to get off my couch to tell the solicitor to go kick rocks.

I have a running joke with close friends & family that pretty much every horror/thriller movie would be over in the first 10 minutes if the protagonist had ANY of the following:

  • A flashlight
  • A dog
  • A firearm

J there is nothing wrong with being prepared the saying goes fore warned is fore armed
prior knowledge of possible dangers or problems gives one a tactical advantage That is often not overcome by the uninitiated or unprepared! And yes I do the same camera and all one inside the house too


I have a “No Soliciting” sign so I’m not obligated to open the door to anyone I don’t know. Friends and family usually call first.

As long as I’m home, I’m the only one who answers the door.

I don’t carry at home but my CCW piece is within reach if I’m alerted by:

  1. someone on my front door. I have a metal screen door that swings out so I have bit of an advantage if the guy’s up to no good.
  2. my dog that senses a stranger is in the vicinity.

I’m glad you are okay.

What did you learn from this experience?



"The guy keeps pushing & and twisting the doorknob & I’m sure that had the main door not been deadbolted, this fella would have been in my house. "

I am glad he did not get into your home.

The front door was deadbolted and no one opened the door so you kept the guy out. Good job. A solid Barricade is all it takes sometimes to protect your family.

We all live and learn I made the mistake of not having my gun easily accessible and letting her answer the door. I survived unharmed as did she only by the grace of GOD.



Sounds good.

  1. Does your metal screen door have a lock on it and do you keep it locked?

  2. Is your dog trained to bark if a stranger comes to your house?

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The door is always locked. The wooden door is open half of the time to let fresh air in when the weather is great.

The dog is friendly but barks in a threatening manner anytime someone approaches the front door. Not trained as a security dog, just instinct.

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Great question @Randall318
I learned that we don’t and I quote “get to choose the day or hour that EVIL comes our way.” I need to stay in a state of readiness. Home is not the impenetrable fortress I thought, because I considered for a brief moment that I may have to use my weapon against another person. In that same moment, I thought about the possibility of that person having a weapon…

As a single man, it is what it is… But it’s amazing how much comes to you in those “moments.” My wife, my sons, my parents, the Police, courtroom, lawyers, & civil liability…

I learned that I must stay VIGILANT. I can never truly let my guard down. The adversary, the accuser of our brethren, looks for distracted folk to devour. It’s no wonder his children do likewise. :v:t5:


Wow! I think that is well said, sir.


Transitional places and places your guard is let down are actually at the most disadvantage. If you want to see how this works wear a mask and surprise someone in their home. They will have their guard down relaxed and scared out of their wits. I carry at home and when I take out the garbage, check the mail, and mow the lawn. You do not choose the time or location, they do.
How secure is your home? Have a teenager try to get inside and when they do and they will, you will find your weaknesses. Make your castle secure. Uninviting!


I do live in an apartment, but I don’t have my gun loaded or on me. I’ve been thinking how can I protected myself, because of every direction that I would fire my gun- I would or could hit someone. everyone is so close to me on all sides. I’m in a handicap apartment, which is wide open no place to hide or take cover. I do have a peep hole in the door. Man the crime around here is raising ever day b&e, drugs,car jacking now,armed robberies and more.