Lasr App with SIRT pistol

Yes, I have a Sirt pistol (polymer slide) plus Sirt magazines (4) and use it to train with my LasrX program, iTarget system and practice on objects around my home. I also have the 9mm laser bullet for my carry pistols and shotgun laser shell. I enjoy dry fire practice!

Any ideas about how to attach the Mantis X2 model to my SIRT? I’ve seen that it is compatible but I can’t fit it underneath the frame of mine.

It shouldn’t be a problem at all.
First - have you tried to mount it to any compatible real pistol?
Second - what is the SIRT model. Each gets different accessories rail setup, but all of them accept MANTIS.

I’m guessing you may do simple mistake trying to mount it.
Have you seen this video?

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Yeah right now I’m using it on my Taurus G2C until my friend buys it and I’ve been loving it. It’s an awesome system especially with the drill challenges. I’m not sure what my exact SIRT model is but I can look.

I have the SIRT 110 model

That means Glock 17… no wonder it doesn’t work. :stuck_out_tongue:
Just kidding.
This model works with Mantis in 100 %. I used both 107 and 110 with Mantis without issue.
If you watch the video from my previous post you will see X2 mounted on SIRT110.
Sometimes you must use extra force to click the Mantis into the rail.

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