Handgun lasers

do you feel lasers deliver a better shot? and at what distance are they not accurate ?


Well, I have a Streamlight TLR 8, which is a light laser combo. I have it set to display the light and laser at the same time. I am very fond of it. It is another tool to aim well in low light and illuminate the area. I zeroed the laser to be spot-on at 10 yards. That distance works for my home defense plan. The nice thing is that it has a momentary-on function. I dont have to compromise in that regard.
I view the unit as a nice to have tool but not a must have. It simply gives me more options. Hopefully more options than the home invader has.
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I have 2 lasermax guide rod lasers. I like them very much. They are more accurate than I am. Once I get far enough out that I question the lasers accuracy, it’s always a tighter group than when I aim with the sights.


I use a Lasermax guide rod with a green laser on my G17! I find it’s very accurate in helping me acquire a target within 20 yards. After that it’s to hard for me to see it faster that using my sites.


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I have Crimson Trace Lasers on my carry guns, but to me I think of the laser as more of a point and shoot training aid. I do not target shoot, point and shoot is all I have ever done. If you are new to shooting or want to learn how to point and shoot a hand gun your proffered carry. Unload, did I say UNLOAD your gun, thriple check that it is unloaded. Now with your UNLOADED handgun laying beside you while watching TV. Grab your handgun, pick a target and point at the target and see where the laser hits. If you are within one foot of the target you are doing pretty good. Now you keep on with the practice and after a while you will get to one inch of the target all of the time without ever even looking at your handgun IT WAS UNLOADED RIGHT? Now you can shoot by just looking at the target. GOODLUCK with that UNLOADED handgun.

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In the following vid, towards the end, Eric and late great Barry (RIP), make an interesting point why we might want lasers to be made available where they currently are not legal.

In their point, having a laser can not only saves lives, but de-escalate without having to fire, pending you have time to do so.

I need send this message to our lawmakers, and community activists within our realm of influence in case it can be discussed to be more widely allowed legally.