Handgun lasers

do you feel lasers deliver a better shot? and at what distance are they not accurate ?


Well, I have a Streamlight TLR 8, which is a light laser combo. I have it set to display the light and laser at the same time. I am very fond of it. It is another tool to aim well in low light and illuminate the area. I zeroed the laser to be spot-on at 10 yards. That distance works for my home defense plan. The nice thing is that it has a momentary-on function. I dont have to compromise in that regard.
I view the unit as a nice to have tool but not a must have. It simply gives me more options. Hopefully more options than the home invader has.
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I have 2 lasermax guide rod lasers. I like them very much. They are more accurate than I am. Once I get far enough out that I question the lasers accuracy, it’s always a tighter group than when I aim with the sights.


I use a Lasermax guide rod with a green laser on my G17! I find it’s very accurate in helping me acquire a target within 20 yards. After that it’s to hard for me to see it faster that using my sites.


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