Strikeman Dry Fire System

Saw an ad today for the Strikeman dry fire training system. Do any of you have an opinion of this system? I have a SIRT pistol that I dry fire with…can a SIRT be used with the Strikeman system?

Any laser system within $100 is worth the price.
There are dozen of them, all basically do the same.
I personally use L.A.S.R.

These systems are ok with any laser red beam so SIRT or laser cartridge in your firearm will work.


I have not used the Stikeman system. The one I have used for the past few years is the G-Sight system by ELMS. I can put the cartridge into my regular carry gun to train. This allows me to be able to train with the gun I would potentially fight with.

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Do you have to rack the slide after every trigger pull with that system?

I have to rack the slide after each trigger pull with my Glock, but not with my Taurus. I usually use it with the timer training option, within the accompanying G-Sight app, to get my draw-to-first-shot practice done.

It can get annoying to have to rack the slide each time, but I take that as an opportunity to practice as if I am clearing a malfunction between shots, using the Tap, Rack, and Roll method, and getting two shots on target.


If you don’t have DA (double action) handgun, SIRT is your option to train without racking the slide each shot.

When I’m dry firing my EDC with laser I’m simulating malfunction after each shot. Tap-rack-reengage. Exactly as @Calvin_USCCA posted.


Can you use the SIRT pistol with all of these various systems?

I’d say 99% of these systems are using red beam laser.
I’ve never used Strikeman, but looking at their website I see this one is the same as few others I’ve already used.

If your SIRT shoots red, you’re good.
I’m not sure about green.

There’s one thing I’d like to point before you decide to buy one of these.
Some systems are only recognizing laser beam being pointed or moved over the target which doesn’t mean you hit it.
Sometimes you hit high, then move the muzzle down (jerking the trigger) and system may accept this and hit.
It very wrong.
LASR X has this fixed and it also shows this in different colors telling you about jerking thr trigger.

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