Laser sighting options

If you use a laser on your weapon, what are your thoughts on sighting the weapon with it, Constant Offset vs Zeroed For Range? Personally, I’ve always had mine zeroed for distance, but I’m starting to lean toward constant offset. Thoughts as to how it applies to training and rethinking aiming?

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Constant offset will never show you the laser while looking down the sights. This method uses the laser to get you closer to your sight picture but then using the pistol sights for final sight picture.

Sight-High Method
"This method requires the pistol’s laser to be tweaked, so it shows above the front sight at any particular distance over a couple of yards.

The main benefit of the Sight-High method is based on the idea that the goal of aiming at a target you want is to line up the sights. If the process is consistent/skilled when the pistol finds the target the laser should shine just over the front sight.

Are there any problems? The big offset greatly magnifies the variance between the point of aim (POA) and point of impact (POI) as the target distances increase.

Lasergrips reduce the vertical discrepancy so you must then deal with the horizontal offset. That’s because of Lasergrips position the laser to the right side of the barrel’s centerline.

When using the Sight-High method, you have to decide how high you must zero the laser over the front sight and the distance to do that. This option provides the best tactical edge. If your handgun is adjusted Sight-High then you draw to the sights and it should be visible 100% of the time."


“Constant offset will never show you the laser while looking down the sights.”

Correct. However, for me, I don’t have the laser in order to align and be visible with my irons, I have it on there to be able to hit a target when in a situation where I can’t use the irons. In most situation I rely on the irons, the laser is more of a backup, quick, aid for out of the ordinary situations.

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I used a bore laser cartridge and set my tlr-6 laser just slightly above the bore laser. Just like @Bjorn , I am looking for the laser if unable (whether physically or don’t have time) to set my sights.pretty much the “Sight-High” method that @Robert_M3 mentioned.


TLR-6 is the only reason I moved to this. Wanted a light for a subcompact that also had available holster options. Wound up with the light laser combo. Got tired of trying to nail down a distance with that large of an offset. My carbines are set to parallel with reflex/red dots.


Both methods work fine. The trick is to pick one and stick with it. With enough reps, you won’t have to think about it at any practical distance. That’s the real prize. With pistols, the offset is pretty small and you are probably never going to take a 100 yd shot in the real world. With a lot of modern rifle optics, the offset can be up to 6". That makes a significant difference when your rifle is zeroed at 100 m or more and the shot you are taking is 30 m. But the biggest issue with muzzle offset is actually a shooter safety issue when firing from behind cover/concealment. My 2 cents is don’t sweat the small stuff.