Kyle Rittenhouse - Reality's Context

To say that we live in “different times” is like saying that, “OMG, Vesuvius puffed smoke!” There are certainly valid questions regarding a 17-yr-old young man literally walking into the very mouth of hell in Kenosha.
Mr. Colion Noir is an attorney; a very powerful 2A advocate, and firearms training, and a supporter of the USCCA. This is his presentation of the context surrounding what is a nightmare with no end in sight.
One young man is heading (legally speaking) to America’s version of Tralfagar Square (where Henry VIII sent many of his detractors).
We, as Protectors must always be alert, and aware. However, we must try to see whole pictures in situations in which mainstream media focuses on only a single target in order to aim outrage at the one trying to do what is right, while aggressors are not even addressed. Mr. Colion Noir
CAUTION: Extreme violence shown.

Please be safe, family… This could be us.

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Mr. Noir does a good job and I enjoy his videos. But this video is exactly right. This is what is going on in these riots and it is not accurately being reported in the media. Not trying to get this going in a different direction, but it is a statement of my perception, that the media from my point of view is not really reporting the extent of what is going on not just in Kenosha, but in all the cities that are experiencing the riots. And lets be honest, at this point, the protesting gave way to rioting a while ago.


Destruction of private property. Use of terror to dissuade people from voting or to change their votes. Tactics right out of the Marxist-Leninist Playbook. Often seen during the 1970’s and 1980’s in Central and South America. Tactics now being used in the United States. Not good.


These kids remind me of the ones that were throwing a fit in Walmart, knocking things off the shelves because mommy and daddy wouldn’t buy them a toy.

Should’ve had their asses whipped then, should have their asses whipped now. Problem being, the fits have turned to violence and lawlessness…and the ass whipping they appear to be working towards carries much more weight, inflicts much more pain, and in some cases irreversible.


My main concern is how well planned these horrors appear to be. Anything we do (i.e. the armed protectors) are being scrutinized by unscrupulous politicians, and a public too easily manipulated by professional propagandists.
Can we actually think that Mr. Rittenhouse is not “an example,” and even a threat to those who wish to do no harm, but must, when lives are at stake? Indeed, the “seeds of violence” by rioters, thugs… criminals… can produce no other fruit than violence. However, as anti-2A pundits strike at the very heart of our Creator-given freedoms, every time a good guy uses a weapon for good, we all fall under the watchful eyes of political “carrion-eaters.”
Would I defend myself and others when violence threatens? absolutely! Yet, I am more aware of repercussions than ever before.
Parenting has become a crate of “fragile eggs;” breaking at the slightest touch. The system rewards bad behavior, while terrorizing those who do good. The system is broken.
Sadly, I have no answers, just “what ifs.” Trust me, brother, I acknowledge the validity of your point.


Hi everyone - this video is already in discussion on the Kenosha shooting thread. Please visit that one for continued conversation.


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