Kyle Rittenhouse - Collon Noir

If you listen to Collon on the self-defense situation, you will notice to the aggressor part of being an aggressor or being in a self-defense situation. You can not put yourself out there as an aggressor and make yourself even look like your looking for trouble. Kyle stated he was there to give first-aid assistance. When he shot the first guy, he was rendering aid when someone yelled, get him! Escape or evade is your first duty.
I stress this to students that you are not a super hero because you have a gun. You are not in the infantry in a war zone. Take the steps to avoid a situation, take the steps to escape. Know the rules of the area you carry. Though it feels like we are at war, we are not! But, we do have rights and we do have responsibilities to be a responsible gun owner.

Hmm, well this changes my perception of what happened. Due to the hurricane and internet and power outages, I only had seen some of the video/news about this. I am not a lawyer, but it seems that Mr. Noir summed things up pretty well.

Lyn Wood taking the case also could be a game changer. Thanks for the link @Todd30 .


What i would like to add is that Mr Noir is an attorney in Texas. Colion Noir is his a stage name. While not a Wisconsin attorney I’m sure he’s capable of researching Wisconsin laws and making a well educated opinion on them.


Please continue this discussion here - it already has the video clip: Kenosha shooting