Kydex Holster Improvement

So, sometimes I have to wear a level 2 retention holster, so I got a Safariland ALS kydex holster. I like it a lot, except for, well the plastic. :grinning: Specifically the plastic part that keeps the holster on the belt. So, I got with my local leather guy, Jeremy Deer, and asked if he could make that part out of leather. He did, and the holster is SO much more comfortable now!


Hybrids are always nice. Appears to be good work. Very nice…


Clever! Me like! Beats using a heat gun.


I wore this new holster for 6 or 7 hours, standing most of the time. Felt 100x times than when I wore the pre-hybrid version the other day for about the same time. I might get the guy to make me another with the belt holes a little bit smaller, but I was impressed at how much more comfortable it was.