Know where your candidate stands


I could think of a couple other issues she may want to put before worrying about social media accounts,
The VA and The Borders for starters.


Watch these clowns. They are pushing a law that expands FCC to control internet. Seems she is falling in line. ALL of them need to go.


Any person using the internet, is already identified, by their IP address. If there is a reason to arrest them, police has no problem to subpoena home address from the internet provider. This is how all the “anonymous” kids who call bomb threats to their school get caught.

I will remind people that one Nikolas Cruz posted threats online under his own name, yet FBI was “unable” to track him down, citing there are too many people by this name!

What Haley proposes serves no LE purpose, but helps doxx people for speech crimes, get them fired, bring lynching mob to their doors, etc. Very effective in silencing any dissent. Thanks for exposing yourself (once again!) Nikki.


I remember the days of years gone by, when as a kid I would walk the streets of Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, stepping over piles of papers that had all kinds of stuff printed on them. We called them “Underground News Papers”. WE didn’t know who put them there in the dark of night but we were often amazed and occasionally shocked by what was written on their elicit pages. Now our trusted leaders are finding it necessary to know who wrote what so our pastor can see it? Orwell was right.


The “best and brightest” running for the highest elected position in the nation.


Here is a link to FCC’s website discussing what’s happening:


Not a law passed in the congress, not a regulation that any of us voted on, Nope, a regulatory agency making rules and treating them like the rule of law. Yes Comrades This is the America all those liberal Americans voted for.


Is the FCC trying to one-up the ATF?


Freedom of speech my arse. I understand about threats…but where is that taking us?

Right down the road to watching everything you say. Heaven forbid I affend someone. Like people say you dont like something change the channel, turn the radio off, get off the internet or just dont listen to whatever that person said if it hurts you’re feelings.

Grow the Fl**k up and let it go off your shoulders. Geeeze Louise…


She can say what she wants because she will never be elected. It’s either Trump or who the left is going to install. I know are Michigan Governor just before they left until next year has set up new laws in which are Michigan government is so corrupt they will pass.