None of the above

I almost fell out of my chair when I heard this. Nikki Haley lost to “none of the above candidates “. She can’t win when running against nobody.


Nikki haley, I don’t remember anything she did after, she took the Stars and Bars down at the Capital of SC!!!


She’s staying in the race just in case SCOTUS rules that Trump engaged in an insurrection and is ineligible to become President.


Her resume is a two word phrase…Professional Politician. We need a man of God, willing to follow God’s Law in the decisions he makes to bring this country back from the brink. Otherwise, we will continue with chaos and disunity. This is the clearest explanation I have seen which explains, step-by-step, where our founding documents came from: The True Christian History of America


@John15:5 [5] I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing .

Now the prayer based on those words. “Lord I give you all I am and all I have. I want to learn to abide in You for every moment of my life. I want to abide in Your word so that it becomes part of me


Amen brother


I guess you don’t believe in the Consitution… “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”. Maybe you should find another country to live in.

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@John1505, correct me if I’m wrong, but you were talking about a leader with Judeo-Christian values (Upon which our Constitution was based) and not about a law.


Congress cannot create a law which sets up a National Church. That’s what happened in England centuries ago, when citizens were only allowed to attend the Church of England. They had no other choices and reading the Bible was against the law. John Wycliffe started the ball rolling by translating the Bible into English so all persons could understand it and make their own decisions.

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God’s law (the Bible) is the final Word, not man’s law. Without a rock-solid reference, man will make it up as he pleases (which is what is happening). All of the Founders understood this, and understood how dangerous man was if left to his own devices. So, all of our documents are based upon God’s Law and the Founders would turn to this as the primary reference for their decisions.

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think you misunderstand the purpose of the wording… has to do with history and europe…

europe had many wars and such over the nation they lived in requiring them to become a member of the national approved religion… or else…

the passage in the Constitution say we will NOT require anyone to be any religion… that is all it means…

there will be NO official state religion… many fled such requirements to come here and freely worship…

that is what that passage addresses… too many people have never actually read real history anymore…

example… what is the meaning of “manifest destiny”??? up until about 1930 or so much of the world believe in that sort of thing… and many suffered because of that belief… why? care to go have looky see?


Then are you against a moslim holding office as well? Islame says and teaches the overthrow of whatever government currently exists, install a theocracy and institute shariah law. Have you studied what shariah law entails? I have and you will shyte your pants of what it demands.

Think we’ve gotten a little off track. NH is not one of us. She is a 3rd party candidate designed to dilute the GOP and do all she can to discredit Trump. Wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find Soros funding behind her. She also has ties to the WEF. That’s why “none of the above won.” She’s there to get enough of a following that when she’s not nominated she will possibly go 3rd party to help the Dems, of which I’m convinced she is one. JMO.


not that long ago a law was in place that a muslim could NOT hold a public office in the US…

the O changed that IIRC?

thing is the O is a muslim and has said so…

although how he can to justify his marriage to is lamb seem a matter of interest???

If the bozo was in the Middle East they would find a tall building to let him drop off.

Excellent speech by President Trump. Here he is speaking to the NRA in Harrisburg yesterday.

This guy speaks for hours typically. (Without fumbling) He has done over 120 capacity crowd speeches in the last year and a half. Tremendous amount of energy, considering all the left is trying to do to stop him from being allowed to run, to eradicate is wealth, and to cancel him like he never existed. All his campaign donations come from grass roots people, not organizations he will be beholden to.

This is a man who is the front runner for the next Presidential election, in an election year, and he has been TOTALLY silenced by the mainstream media. NOT ALLOWED to get his message out to the citizens.

Rather than listening to edited sound bites by the media, I strongly urge you to listen to just ONE of his speeches in its entirety. Can you honestly say you have listened to even just one whole speech? The policies that presidents impose affect every aspect of our lives; don’t you owe it to yourself to be informed directly from the source?

This is one of his best speeches I have heard, having invested significant time in listening to many. Because our Country is in REAL peril.

The RSBN network is the largest to air his rallies, all of which can be found on this great network that allows people to see the man for who he really is. Thank GOD for patriots!

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