National guartd on stand-by for elections

I live in good ol’ Washington State and the word is the National Guard is on stand-by for the elections. So, if there was any concerns about anything happening around the elections time the your concern is correct. Just wanted to let ya’all know!


Brother I’ve been preaching it for months. Both sides of the fence knows what’s going to happen or at least can fancy a guess because they cause the problem. It’s no secret greed has engulfed this country. Greed for power, greed for money, greed for free stuff, greed for emotional justification and the greed list goes on.

Over the past hundred years this two-party system has slowly crumbled the foundation of what this country was built on. As it crumbles from the struggle of power of the two-party system, society suffers. As society suffers, morals start to dissipate. Morals dissipate because we’ve left God behind.

Unfortunately the road to a civil war has been brewing for many years and now that the power struggle of the two-party system is at its peak strength society will have to choose. Stay United or continue to be divided. I think everybody that has eyes can see that we’re no longer United.


Civil war, insurgency, insurrection, coup, or just simple 4th generation warfare conducted by external entities…???


I hope you’re dead wrong on the civil war, but after saying that all of us here have been watching and preparing!


@PossumSlayer1 , I hope I’m dead wrong. I hope and pray for our children, I’m Dead wrong. This is not something I wish opon the great country of the USA or any country for that matter. All it does is being death in ways more then just a bullet.

But if we dismiss the idea it could happen. Then we die unprepared. Brothers and sisters of the USCCA community, don’t get caught with your pants down. Protect your family by being prepared just in case the worst happens.


Well we’ve seen what happens when the fringes of our population don’t get their way. I believe regardless of the results violence is imminent, so I’ll be staying home laying low and avoiding any metropolitan areas till I can assess the situation


wish I could do the same but I am going to be stuck at work protecting my workplace


I live across the street from a polling place in a small town. I am not anticipating trouble, but I will be prepared & looking out for it


Military Police units are on standby.


Everybody be safe out there. Watch your 6,


Just a reminder that I need to buy some more ammo in the next few weeks.


@Todd30. I can’t see my 6 pack, because I got a fat belly… :crazy_face:

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@Cobra: That means it should stay cold due to insulation!