Knife carry

@Dawn started a thread in the Legal Section on “Are you prepared for questioning”. I clicked on it and saw it was a video I’ve seen before but glanced over to the side and saw this one.

With all the focus on handguns for self defense I think there’s far too little discussion of knives and their place in the self defense equation.

Most importantly there are many places you cannot lawfully carry a firearm that you can lawfully carry a knife so if you find yourself going places carry is unlawful how many of you are carrying a knife as well or instead?

How much if any training have you ever had with a knife?

I’d even argue that there are situations where with a little training and practice you’re far better off with a knife than a gun or that you can use your knife very effectively to get yourself out of an arm’s length encounter and disable your attacker to a degree with the knife quite easily allowing you to disengage and while getting to a safer distance then access your own firearm should the fight continue.

How many of you have even given this serious consideration?

The first hurdle most people have to get over is the idea of actually stabbing or slashing someone with a knife as it’s a very personal thing, far more personal than pulling a trigger from an emotional standpoint.

When you use a knife, you are going to get bloody, and odds are you will end up cut yourself either by the attacker or by yourself not having sufficient experience to use a knife safely and effectively. Even if you really know how to use a knife and the fight goes more than a single stab or slash your hand is going to get bloody and you will most likely not be able to maintain a “slip proof grip” and end up cutting your own knife hand/fingers during the struggle.



I look at it this way,

A bullet proof vest will stop some very powerful guns (44 mag, 12 gauge). The same vest, won’t stop a knife. If, you get your gun drawn and empty the mag into an attacker, momentum will carry them to you. The brain can still be alive, running on adrenaline, for up to 15 seconds. That’s an eternity in a fight. So, unless you do serious damage to the central nervous system, that person with a knife is a very dangerous threat. Like the article says, “be prepared to get cut.”learn how to point shoot, one handed, so you can block you vital parts with your non-dominant hand.