Knife Care


We’ve had a few topics about knives already and I was wondering, how often do you all sharpen your knives? Do they need regular cleaning like a firearm?

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Oh boy, I oil them when they don’t open snappy enough, and I sharpen on my 2x72 belt grinder with 120, 400, and 1500 grit belts everytime they get too dull to shave hair (I have a 1940s style pinup girl tattooed on my left forearm that has no hair on her arms or legs :joy:). I also have used the Work Sharp belt system and that’s super handy as well.

I also check to see if the knife has a decent heat treat when I first get it as well. That is generally batoning my knife into antler, trying to shave metal, then slicing paper. That let’s you know really quick if your knife can handle a survival situation.


I love the “test” idea @James, do you only do that when you get the knife or every so often to ensure it continues to preform well?


Just when I get it. I wouldn’t recommend doing it on knives with steel types that are questionable or unlisted. This is my 2x72 belt grinder that I sharpen on.


I keep mine as sterile/clean as I can. Mine are a pretty heavy use item, from cutting apples to using it at work or wherever. Had my latest one 6 months and not had to sharpen it yet. As long as it shaves hair off my hand or shaves paper, I figure its sharp enough.


oiling - no. Sharpening - as soon as it doesn’t do what I expect it to. Or any time I’m in BassPro.

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If it’s regular high carbon you need to use mineral oil, and to keep the bushings or on a folder decent, you should oil folders. I just use mineral oil.


ok, y’all have convinced me :slight_smile: gonna go oil my knife :smiley:


It doesn’t have to be a lot, but even after a few drops you’ll be saying to yourself "ahhhhhh, so this is what that knife weirdo in the community was talking about when he wrote ‘snappy’.":joy:


WD-40? That’s what I use when I sharpen and also just to lubricate.


Yeah it’s good. Mineral oil makes it food safe though.


Thanks James! Given everything else I use my knife for, I wouldn’t feel comfortable using it on food anyway!