Keeping fiber optic front sights clean

Hi all. I have a Shield Performance Center with a ported barrel. Love the gun, it is my EDC, but I have noticed the front sight is now significantly dimmer than the rear. I assume it is powder residue fom the porting, plus just everyday grime.

What is the best way to clean it? The tube is captured in the sight, so no easy way to clean it short of spraying it with Windex or something? Anyone have any good methods of doing this?

I notice the same on mine and look forward to a great idea to keep them clean.

Use alcohol based liquid hand sanitizer, a soft toothbrush and canned air-spray.
But to be honest, you will end up with replacing the fiber rod.

In my case the problem wasn’t with “after shooting” residue. My fibers went matte mostly after cleaning procedure, and I found the solvent to be a issue.
Now I use tritium front sights and regular dot on rear. No more fiber.


Replace it. Cost is $6.50 / 3.2 ft. @ fiber Cut a piece few inches long, heat end with a lighter without touching flame to it creating a “bulb “. Let cool, slip thru front site, cut excess leaving approx. 1/8” then heat that end. TaDa ! Brand new site for pennies and a couple minutes of your time.