Cleaning handgun equipped with red dot optic sight

We have talked already about cleaning the firearm and cleaning red/green optic sight… but so far I couldn’t found any discussion, advices or warning - how to clean the handgun with mounted optics?
Is your standard solvents going to harm the sights? Perhaps lens only?

Please post your experience and advices how to safely clean and lube the handgun without harming optic. Which chemicals are safe, what to avoid?


Keep solvent off the lens is a good general idea.

I use the same everything, it’s all safe when you get it where it belongs and keep it off where it doesn’t.

I use disposable one time use moistened cleaning wipes (frequently) for my carry gun optic’s glass. Phone and tablet screens and sunglasses too


Use alcohol pads for lenses and wipe the body with soft cloth or microfiber.

I personally don’t use any type of harmful material to clean my guns.

Shooters Lube and CLP are more than enough, and works GREAT.

Love Shooters Lube try it. Doesn’t smell, evaporates and remove dirt instantly.


Hmmm. I hadn’t given it much thought. Solvents for cleaning the breach, barrel area don’t generally get on the top of the slide so it doesn’t seem to be an issue for me. I will use regular cleaner (like for eyeglasses) to clean the window if there appears to be stuff on it. The outside of the slide usually just gets wiped down with a cloth.

I can see that getting solvents on the window may be bad since they usually have chemical coatings on them, so it’s a good question. I can’t see the solvents getting “in” to the optic since they should be sealed against liquid intrusion.

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I don’t get any solvent or harsh cleaner near the optics. To clean and care for the optics I’ve found that a good LED screen clearer does very well, it repels dust and resist water spots. I use it also on my outside security cameras around my property.


Weaver or Picatinny rail mounted optics can removed for gun cleaning.
They have excellent repeatability when reinstalled especially with a inch pound device. Follow manufacturers directions for cleaning the optic.
PS: than means take it off before you wash your hand gun Mr. Jerzy.
( you member that one, it just gave me a good laugh, thanks )


I use what is essentially a red dot condom.

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@Jerzy >> The Weaver or Picatinny style mounts have perfect repeatability on and off ; especially if you use a inch pound tool.
Remove the site before you clean your ( pistol or rifle ) put it back on when you done.
PS: please don’t wash your firearm Monk.