Kali Key in New York

Coming from New York State, the safe act regulates are semi auto rifles. I recently stumbled across a product called the Kali Key. It is a special charging handle available for AR-15 and AR-10 style semi-automatic rifles that convert it into a bolt action rifle with nothing but a charging handle change.

I’m wondering how this product would hold up legally because it does not permanently make your rifle a bolt action. All you would have to do is change out the charging handle to convert it back to semi-auto. Does anyone have any insight in New York or experience with this product that may be able to provide some guidance?

Thank you in advance.

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It’s been a while since I read about the product. It’s not just the charging handle. It is a new part for the bcg which doesn’t send gas through stopping semiautomatic functioning. I don’t remember if anything was done to the gas tube or block.

Another way that should work in my opinion would be to buy a new barrel that doesn’t have the gas port drilled. Green Mountain sells them sometimes as gunsmith specials. No way it could function as a semiautomatic without the port. But the rifle was sold as a semiautomatic and might still be in the muddy waters of commie law.

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Here’s a link for one in 300 instead of 556 and the first reviewer didn’t drill the gas port forgoing semiautomatic functionality.

But if I bought a new barrel, I’d probably go ahead and spend $80 for a 15” free floating handguard. $49 for an upper receiver and $16 for the upper parts kit.
And those are current prices for made in the USA AR Stoner brand parts from MidwayUSA

$40 would get you an M-loc handguard from Chandler Hardwoods…