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That is outrageous and highway robbery. I would not go to that store even when things got normal. :man_facepalming:


It’s not just ammo. I’m looking around the site and they’re not just ripping off ammo. Their firearms are jacked way up too. A standard glock 17 for 1,000 no accessories. Just one example. I can buy a new glock from the glock store for half that. This place is highway robbery, don’t shop there


Just to make you laugh…oops, cry… :joy:

not so long ago…


Yup, my local hole in the wall shop down the street is selling 9mm for $1 a round and their firearms are $200 higher.

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I have not laughed this hard in a long time, from seeing this video on conceal carry manners and when being stopped by the police. Great education and humor. True talent:


“I’m talking, you’re listening!”:rofl:


@Burdo this is some funny stuff and people really act the way Carry Trainer was acting. Live and learn.


only $100 a box more then I paid for 200 rounds in Jan. of 2020

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I’ve had a couple of scenarios with cops. I’ve always been extremely respectful. Most of the cops did a good job.

I wouldn’t say my bad experiences with cops were because the cops were bad, it’s often they only have one side of the story, they don’t fully understand the situation, or they don’t fully understand the law. Maybe they themselves are having a bad day from being over worked or dealing with crappy people. I never argue. I may respectful state my case. But I keep it cordial, calm and I comply.

If you feel like the cop was out of line, comply, and have your day in court. I back the blue, but they are also public servants who have to be held accountable too. I’ve never had to go to court, BUT I have gone over the cops head to superiors to resolve poor judgment by an officer before.

I don’t hold it against them. We move on. Everyone goes home safe. We all have crappy days. If a cops involved, chances are it’s a crappy day for you :joy::joy:. I really think many of these awful scenarios with police could be resolved this way.

This year we’ve all been about getting police to “deescalate” (I would argue that most cops already do this), but we as citizens have to do the same. I can’t stand when I see police officers do a good job, then the citizen escalates the situation, then the police gets blamed for escalating it. Gotta stay calm and have your day in court.


Glad you all enjoyed the traffic stop vid’s humor as well. I cannot remember laughing so hard, especially “when-what” the driver was carrying on his dashboard. I wonder if Mr. Schuch will be discovered as “the third Blues Brother”, a true talent. :rofl: