Jordan Peterson: Men Should Be Dangerous

Or, “Speak softly, and carry a big stick.”


I have watched a lot of his vids. He may run for P.M. of Canada. I like T.R.s. saying best. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s really hard these days to find such person with words of wisdom.



…and don’t forget to identify as a he/him…just so there’s no confusion.

:duck:in worlds gone mad. Stay strong, my fellow forum members


It’s always been one of my favorite quotes too, @BRUCE26.


I think we have our purpose laid out for us!
Question is, are we strong enough?
In two years time we could all be broken!
Retirement wasn’t supposed to include fighting, per sè!

A skirmish, maybe! A heart attack, a stroke, maybe cancer, but never the destruction of our way of life! We can’t fight the disease in the White House. Someone needs to start a “go fund me” page to rid us of this horror!

If by “alternative” he means dying, no, if he means fighting, sign me up and point me towards the enemy! I have one last hoorah left in me!
Like I told my family this past weekend, we wouldn’t be talking like this if Brandon didn’t usurp the presidency!

They didn’t want us to prosper because that meant joy to the world!
It’s obvious now, that the true “OPPRESSORS” are the Democrats!
So if 45% really don’t believe that, do not come looking for my blood, it’s completely unaffordable, their mouths wrote checks their bodies can’t cash!


Toxic masculinity!



LOL I just looked-up what “toxic masculinity” supposedly means. From Psychology Today:

Toxic masculinity is the result of a set of strict rules that prescribe what being a man should be. These toxic “man rules” include:

  1. A man should suffer physical and emotional pain in silence.
  2. A man shouldn’t seek warmth, comfort, or tenderness.
  3. A man should only have the emotions of bravery and anger. Any other emotions are weaknesses. Weakness is unacceptable.
  4. A man shouldn’t depend on anyone. Asking for help is also weak.
  5. A man should always want to win, whether in sports, work, relationships, or sex.

I have yet to find people that are being accused of this exhibiting these traits; just more BS from the Left trying to feminize men.


I have been preparing for years for the MOD SQUAD to wake up and smell the sour roses,i have never stopped since 1967 when I got out of the ARMY,even then chang was occurring with colledge kids spitting on the ones being discharged and it has over the years got worse