John Lott Discredited?

This article claims that John Lott (still in the process of reading it in its entirety) has been discredited and his claims are predicated on false data. What do you guys know about this?

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Consider the source is not going to agree with John Lott on anything and they don’t care how many stats they have to bend to do it.


The title is enough for me to know that the report is slanted.


Standard left wing tactic that is being used on a host of fronts today. Get a story published with a sensational headline, which gets repeated in the news, which then becomes a talking point, which is eventually taken as fact in spite of any contradictory evidence or evidence to support the original story at all. I think the most famous was “Romney hasn’t payed taxes in 10 years.” put forth by Harry Reid in an “October surprise”. When asked for proof (on camera) he said “I don’t have to prove it, he does.”




Look at your source the far leftwing anti gun Thinkprogress.

No, Lott has not been discredited by anyone remotely resembling “unbiased”.

When Lott’s results consistently mirror those of other neutral and pro 2nd Amendment/Pro Self Defense researchers like Gary Kleck one of the most respected criminology professors in the country you know he’s as straight up as they come.


the only thing i need to know for sure is the thing i’ve heard that’s kept me pro-gun for as long as i have been: that guns are used far more for good than for bad. i’ve heard it from you, seen your stats, heard it from many other sites, my favorite Steven Crowder has talked about it. if that’s true, that’s proof and reason enough for me to be ok with being a gun owner and a staunch believer in one’s 2nd amendment rights.


"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”

this falls somewhere between “laugh” and “fight”. If you can’t dispute the facts, discredit the author. Strategy for wining when plain old facts won’t do it. :angry:


Keep in mind that the NRA does the exact same thing

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I think we will see a lot of these types of articles before the next Congress begins. Trump has been signaling for the last few days he might sign “enhanced background check” and Red Flag laws. The left knows that a big fight is coming in the Fall and they want to take likely Pro-2nd Amend experts out early.


Coming from was all I needed to see to “discredit” the source before even reading their article. Might as well have come from Every Town, Moms Demand Action, or the SPLC…

You have to understand the Left’s tactics in play here and in everything they do. Briefly, the tactics can be summarized as:
Marginalization - discredit a person/group by merely stating that they have been discredited
Dehumanization - make them less than human by using such buzzwords as “racist” “___phobe”, etc.
Demonization - go from dehumanizing them to making them into demons to be feared and imprisoned
Litigation - charge them with “crimes against humanity” (since they are now no longer humans)
Incarceration - throw them in prison
Extermination - take them out and “disappear” them

One must not look very far to see where every leftist regime has employed these very steps to eradicate their opposition. The easy examples are Cambodia, China, Cuba, Russia, Syria, Turkey, Venezuela, and the hits just keep on comin’…