Jogger Threaten by Shoe


:thinking: WOW, OK! Guns aren’t the problem. A lack of respect for human life is. GUNS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM! :+1: GOT IT!!


It has to be incredibly annoying and more than a little dangerous to have to live in a neighborhood full of drugged out homeless people. But you can’t go annoyingly bumping things into people passed out on the street and not expect an annoyed reaction in return. And you can’t kill someone for tossing a non deadly object at you because you woke them up.

In an ideal world someone would have called the police on this person a long time ago and they would have been brought somewhere to deal with their problem. But this is far from an ideal world at the moment.


It’s Newsome’s plan to solve his homeless crisis, “Just Shoot Them”


don’t bring the gun to the shoe fight… :man_shrugging:


Great article I couldn’t have said it better myself.
If I intentionally murdered someone, I would not be able to live with myself. If I did not have the courage to kill myself, I would hope someone would have the compassion to do it for me.
Is there anyone here that wouldn’t want to be stopped, or killed instead of murdering someone¿

Bums sleeping on the street is an unfortunate reality of the urban landscape. The best an individual can do is leave – move somewhere where the problem does not exist.

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Avoidance. :man_shrugging:t4:


That is a lot easier said than done for many if not most people given current economic and housing market conditions.


Yes, lots of things to consider.
Also, situations like in the OP isn’t limited to shady parts of town. It could happen in one of the “safest areas.”
The easiest approach is avoid that particular situation.
Last night in front of a grocery store, a LGBTUVWXYZ individual was lying on the ground while using zer cellphone. People just walked on the other side and motorists avoided zer.
No one foolishly approached zer. Can’t reason with the mentally unstable.


Agree that avoidance is key along with having the necessary awareness to recognize what needs to be avoided.

There do seem to be some areas in this country where the crazy is getting harder to avoid. But odds are very good that the vast majority of us will make it safely home tonight without incident as long as we don’t do anything stupid.