JM4 Tactical Holster - Do you use one?

Does anyone use a JM4 Tactical Holster? I know a couple of the women here use and love them. Just looking for more feedback before I bite the bullet so to speak. :smiley:

Does you use a JM4 Tactical Holster?


Is it IWB, OWB, Off-Body?
I have never heard of it ( but then my normal source of info is the USCCA mag, and NRA pubs, and I have not seen it there…

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IWB, magnetic, leather. One of my coworkers let me try hers - really comfortable!

Just looking for more details from those who use them.


@Dawn; Looks nice! I might be interested (I’m always pn the hunt for a more comfortable,‘ouchless’ IWB holster.)
Wish I could help, but it looks like you know all you need to know. Good Luck!