It's Hammer-Time!

As I was casually surfing through gun videos, I was surprised to come across a hammer-test done on several striker-fired pistols, in response to allegations that the Sig320 wasn’t a drop-safe design - I don’t care much for Sig products, but some of the others I’d been shopping were past considerations. The host loaded 3 rounds in each, fired the first for functioning, retained the second for the actual test, and the third to take the magazine out of the equation. Using a mallet with plastic and rubber heads, he began to rap on each one, reversing the heads, and striking each dead-on and at various angles. The 320 was the ONLY pistol he could force to discharge! The others - especially the Glock, SA “XD”, and others with Glock-style triggers - refused to budge. He ruined the mallet - and several pistols - in the course of the test. Very instructive, educational, and EXPENSIVE! FYI


I wonder what the date of the video was and the date the P320 was manufactured?

This is a known (if not completely admitted by Sig) issue with older Sig P320s but they supposedly made changes to resolve it several years ago.

I don’t own one so haven’t looked into the issue myself but would be curious to know if anyone is still seeing issues with 320s that were built after the design change?


Dang I thought this was going to be about Paul Pelosi.


Made me LOL!


One wonders how many of the non-drop-safe (it was a voluntary upgrade program) P320’s are still out there?


I found 2 videos where Glock owners shot themselves during holstering the pistol. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

My 2011 refuses to shoot whenever I put it into the holster. :upside_down_face:

Does it prove anything? Not about the pistols… This only proves how not educated some people are about pistol’s functionality. :man_shrugging:


I try to avoid dumbasses, including news about them.

Going back, it was 2017 - but the test is still an eye-opening video to watch.


What I’ve been saying all along - gun-safety boils down to one word - Y-O-U. All the cutesy-fartsy “improvements” they can stuff into a pistol as “idiot-proofs” can’t compensate for good, basic gun-handling skills, and the knowledge of a pistol’s functioning.

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That is because all holsters are inferior to a Staccato and should never be holstered, just shot! :smiley:


This is an example of the high level of competition in the gun industry - rush it onto the market - don’t worry - it’s a SIG - us schmucks’ll buy it. Sig execs had to be drooling like wet-mouthed dogs for that potential military contract. Beretta’s lack of attention-to-detail regarding their $900, 80X “Cheetah” is the latest snafu - they seemed to be more interested in offering an optional finish, than correcting the obvious design-flaw in the rear sight - a better decision would’ve been to offer it in two MODELS.

And then they take the same pistol, change the caliber.
FDE? Price goes up
Optic Ready? Price goes up, less gun, more money🤔
It’s never ending.

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Now, to be fair, optic ready usually involves more. Have to design and machine the mounting platform (or whatever it’s called), often includes multiple adapter plates, screws, taller sights if they do it right, there is definitely an expense to being optics ready.

But then on the other hand, I know something else you are referring to…rifles that come “optics ready” does often simply mean “less gun” that’s some slick marketing…stop including sights and even use a minimal (AR style rifle) gas block with no font sight base at all…like no ability to even put a front sight on the rifle, just a flat top upper receiver…voila “optics ready” lol