ITS BACK! The Python lives again!

So, at least two YT videos have come out with problems with the Colt Python. Although one of them seemed to come from someone who was not that knowledgable about revolvers, the other was Hickok45, and the problems were similar. I don’t know if the lesser known guy was short stroking the trigger on DA, but I don’t think light primer strikes on single action can be caused by user error. Here’s the Hickok45 video:

On a side note, Ken Hackathorn goes over some interesting notes on Colt trigger technique when reviewing the new Python:

…and Jerry Miculek (although sponsered by S&W) talks about the same trigger variation when shooting an older Python (also shoots a Ruger Security Six and 686 Plus):


I watched all those. I would hope Colt gets that issue figured out. The one thing that gets overlooked about the old Python was why they were hand assembled. The variations in manufacturing processes made hand fitting necessary. The new gun should be better, and more consistent gun to gun than the old ones. Although the Python is a pretty thing, I still want to see a head to head to head Python vs 686 vs GP100. If I was buying one tomorrow, it would be a 6 shot GP100.


Hickok45 knows revolvers. When he speaks, I listen.


Seen a few. There actually quite nice. #eatingcrow