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I’m looking to purchase a new Colt Python .357 Magnum. I’d like to find a dealer with the lowest price. In my state (Arizona), the lowest price I was able to find was $1,377.00 I’m wondering if there are any other gun dealers around the country who sell this firearm for less than that. I’d be willing to purchase the firearm from an out of state dealer, if I can get the weapon for less than $1,300, even after the transfer fee paid to an FFL dealer locally. Can anyone tell me where you find the best deals in your state? Thank you.


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This is just my opinion, if it comes down to 77 bucks plus the transfer, but local. The extra 52(most likely less after shipping and credit card fees) bucks is nothing to keep a local in business.

Have a buddy that was run out of business by internet and the box stores, but they all wanted my buddy to mount the Scopes and rings they bought from said store that wanted 52 dollars for mounting and the local shop does it as a service to loyal customers.

No disrespect intended, just my opinion. Good luck on your quest for the hand good of your dreams. And really who doesn’t like a good deal. Have a good day.


That’s actually not a bad price. When I saw your post I started researching some sites and they are at least $200 more for a new one and if you decide to go stainless even more money. Let me know how it works out brother I am willing to help you with some more site checking. god bless.

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Colt Python .357 Magnum for less than $1,400? You won’t find better price these days.


Yes Jerzy I researched it myself and definitely that’s a good price. If he gets it used he can pay cheaper and in some cases maybe not.

The MSRP is around 1499.00, so I’d say the 1377.00 is probably about the going rate. I would wait just a little longer. Colt was having some issues with the new Python. I’d give it a little time to work the bugs out.


And they be sold out if you wait too long!!!