A Classic Hybrid

Has anyone seen, owned, or shot a SMOLT? When PPC shooting became popular, Python barrels were legendary for their accuracy, but some preferred an S & W action - those that could afford it would send their Smiths off, and have Python barrels installed - the result was called a “Smolt”, and a hybrid was created. Smolts kept in good condition have risen in value over the years - I’d like to think that this influenced Smith’s development of their L-frame, which I’d like to see in a .41 Special, if practical. Anyone?

I’ve never shot one, but have seen in every in person. It was a Smith frame, with a 6 inch Python barrel.
I don’t think we’ll see much in the way of new development of the .41. Yes, it is popular with some hunters, but, not mainstream enough for the investment from a gun manufacturer. I think it suffered the same as .480 Ruger. It was a great idea, that was eclipsed by the “whose the biggest, most powerful” race. Although, 480 is starting g to see a slight uptick in interest again. Maybe .41 will also.

I don’t know if it is true or not, but Jerry Miculek said that the Python’s had a different twist rate, which benefitted accuracy with slow, hollow based, wadcutters. I don’t know with standard 38 spl - 357 magnum ammo, if that rifling worked for or against it.

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Thanks for that post, enjoyed that, always interesting to know.

Might be - the Python was a special gun, even having its own exclusive blued finish - why not a different twist-rate?