Is the Ruger SR9c a Good Gun for Concealed Carry? -


The only thing better is a Ruger SR40c… :wink:


I have a good friend and his dad that swear by theirs. They’ve both carried one for 7 or 8 years.

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One main advantage 9mm has over 40 S&W


ah, so true…so true… :worried: :worried:

The SR series are good guns. We have seen several of them on our ranges and then tend to run well. We have one regular that shoots his A LOT more than most gun owners. The last class he took with it was 1,000 rounds in 2 days. He had a few issues with it feeding and had to switch to a back up gun, but didn’t have any problems after that.

It’s a great gun. I carry the LC9s

One of my carry guns is a Sr40c. Goes bang every time. My assumption is the 9C would be the same,