Is the new USCCA Training Scenarios video fear mongering?

My one and only input into this thread from the start is this: the wording on the back of the uscca membership card is good and what I recommend

I will cooperate 100% but first I need my attorney


It just came to me: never argue with a pig, you both get dirty and besides the pig likes it.


And honestly, you could chill out a little bit you know. For a guy who writes about Lord Jesus, you could be a little less ugly and confrontational.

I say this as a fellow Christian. Lighten up, not everything here needs this level of vitriol.


I will agree but Jesus called Pharisees open graves, a brood of vipers, whitewashed tomes, made a whip and turned over tables to run out the money changers and such. Comes to Jesus humbly and he would help you. Get in his face and he would return it.

There are two types of judgement in the Bible. Judgement unto righteousness and then to condemnation. The second we are never to do. Nathan twisted my words and left out wording. Don’t know if it was on purpose or not. Standing up for yourself isn’t necessarily a sin. I was going to ignore him for a month but his page is blocked.

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If you think being that defensive reflects the Holy Spirit. Ok. Being right all the time with such vigor to “defend yourself” is not required and sort of misses the point.

I will trouble you no more Christian.

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I wouldn’t have been so defensive if he would’ve accurately represented my position. Notice he also never defended against anything I said. I probably did go overboard.

Thank you for putting me back on the right path.


Please do the same for me Brother. I will probably need it sir. Thank you.


I believed I was accurately representing your position. I may have inferred incorrectly, but to me, betting I’m a cop and that I am a tyrant when confronted by a person who knows their rights is substantially similar to and may be generally characterized as simply saying I am a tyrant. I apologize if you did not intend that. It can be difficult to communicate solely in text as tone, volume, timing, non verbal mannerisms and body language, etc, are all absent.

I did not defend against anything you said because I felt there was no need and did not want to escalate or get into an argument over I’m not even sure what at this point (the internet is good at inciting these things)


Could a moderator PLS block me from seeing Nathan for for a month, PLS. Only from me, let him post whatever, I just don’t want to see it.

You can do that (on a computer/browser), click your avatar picture in the top right corner. Then click the little “one person” silhouette. Preferences with the gear icon. And finally click “users” on the left. Then add user to the ignore/muted


Your profile is hidden, pls unhide it.

Thank you, you’re ignored now.

Is he in his "safe space’ now. :cry: I blocked him this morning, what a maroon. :rofl:


I still have my original card from 2019


Thank you Forensic_Wow; A voice of reason.

Let’s not stay out too late. An old saying, “Nothing good ever happens after 10PM”. Spend the night, especially if a weekend.

Heard USCCA on a case did cover the civil suit. To all, “read the policies”. Never drink and CCW firearm at the same time.

Fear mongering in many industries in general, afraid so, fear sells, marketing, business development; So buyer beware; Do they have your best interest at heart?

Insurance and education of course does make sense.


Is there any particular policy line that led you to this recommendation?

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I live in a state which prohibits civil judgements against a defender who has been found to have acted within the law. Startlingly logical and reasonable for a gun-related law.


Same with my state

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