Is it a Church or a School?

This is really just curiosity, but the difference between a felony and trespassing makes it worth asking. In my area lots of our churches also run schools on the property. If I were to attend church, a wedding, baptism, or bingo, does it count as a church or as a school?

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During school hours it’s a school. All other times it’s a church.

That’s how it is treated in my area


That gets really complex and differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. A church can be both if it operates a school on the same premises.

Personally I think for any enforcement to be lawful there should be legal requirements for signage designating “no carry” areas but that generally isn’t the case.

Known your state and local laws, don’t risk getting caught carrying where it could cost you your license or even result in a felony conviction. Keep in mind too the federal laws relative to guns in schools.

That is exactly why I ask. There is a training information here at USCCA around securing your church. Summer in Wisconsin has hundreds of church festivals. I wouldn’t want to find myself on the wrong side of the law because of ignorance.

I’d suggest checking with your local DA or Sheriff to see what they’re take on the law is, @Derrick. They will be able to give you the best idea how the laws will be interpreted in your area.

Good advice but the place to start is with the school/church itself as it literally comes down sometimes to whether a school event is taking place at the time. Next would be to consult a private atty for clarification because it’ll likely require some research.

In some jurisdictions school laws apply at all times because of how the building is listed, in others they only apply in dual use facilities when a school function is ongoing or scheduled.

Don’t count on either the police or the DA to actually know the law or how it applies to each individual facility or building because they most likely won’t even review it unless or until a complain is filed or arrest is made.