Is California's Gavin Newsome guilty of innsurection,revolution against the govt and the 2a,1st,14th and other constitutional amendments and where is DOJ?

Is the California attack (and other states) on the rights of guns owners an act of innsurection ,sedition and rebellion against the US Constitution and a threat to the republic? In violating the 2nd,1st,14th and other constitutional amendments should he be held(prosecuted for rebellion and sedition as a threat to the republic?
Where is the Department of Justice,in the violation of due process,as the enacted red flag laws are to be used( take first and the gun owner can fight for his guns later,is the ignoring of facts about weapons,an indication of abuse of power and an effort to undermine the Constitution? If so why hasn’t the Department of Justice defended .the Constitution before the supreme Court?

More than an amicus brief required here!


There are more than a few Pro-2nd Amendment groups that are saying they will be taking California and Gov Newsome to court. I am sure those cases will have to work their way through the state courts etc before getting to the Federal level.


Red Flag Laws are supposedly going to help stop attacks. They are a way Gov Representatives can attempt to show they are doing something to stop violence but as the CA and other states laws are written and executed they are indeed a violation of our Bill of Rights. Mass Control has never worked for any nation for long. Human Nature will not be controlled. Even Sheep will stampede.

I joined Travis Allen ( California Assemblyman that ran for Governor) in the fight to “ReCall Gavin Newsome”… I hope more Californians will join the fight to give him the :hiking_boot: boot.

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These acts will continue until there are definitive rulings by the US Supreme Court. As most are well aware, the 9th Circuit has generally been upholding these laws and actions. And because the issues have not been clearly addressed by SCOTUS, the DOJ is unlikely to get involved.
Also, keep in mind that Red Flags are not new. Domestic violence orders or something similar are issued by courts in nearly every state and no one thinks twice. But the process of getting a DVO usually starts with a petition and then an Emergency Protective Order, which is basically a red flag with little due process and involves the confiscation of firearms until a hearing is held.