Into the Fray: Competition for the Sig 365

Kevin Michalowski gives the Hellcat high praise after shooting it recently,

Clearly, it was created to compete directly with the SIG P365 and will certainly do just that.

I’m going to definitely have to check out the Hellcat!

Have you tried another manufacturer’s version of your firearm?


Saw it this weekend at the range long line to give it a try. Wife really wants one. Would be the first non Glock in our collection.


I have tried the competitors. I am not really brand loyal… if it is reliable and feels good when I shoot it then it is worth considering.

The Hellcat is on my watch list. I have been following the “me first” crowd on YouTube to see what kind of issues they are reporting. So far there have not been a lot.

  • Broken striker - The striker didn’t break at front where it contacts the primer, but at the back.
  • Feed ramp breakage - The feed ramp for the barrel looked like it a had a chip missing.
  • Loose magazine - The mag fit so loosely in the mag well that the 13 round mag was pinching the guys hand on every shot. So even if you are at the gun counter rock the mag in the mag well to see if it is a reasonable fit.

The Hellcat has a spade shaped striker rather than a round point. So what looks like primer drag may be the shape of the striker.

My wife and I both carry a 365. She’s had hers since they were first released and I replaced my Glock 26 with one early this year. With that being said, we’re heavily invested in the 365 but I’d love to see the hellcat succeed. The more competition the better for all of us.

I’d also love to shoot one because…we’ll it’s a gun and I love shooting guns!

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I’m pretty well set on pistols, I realistically only want one more firearm as I feel like I have what I need for each range and situation (with appropriate backups). Firearms are a tool for me. Some are for fun and the rest are for self defense.

I’m looking for a pistol caliber carbine.

… sure, sure :smirk:

I can see only wanting one more, @Greg1. One more than I have right now… always. :wink:

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It’s my story and I can tell it anyway I want too🤪

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I can hear my wife, do you need another gun? Me: honestly, yep. Her: You can’t shoot the 3 you have at the same time now. Me: just adds another option. Her: up to you.

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But alas I did lose all mine in a tragic :sailboat:accident. I have the t shirt to prove it.